How much are you willing to pay for eternal life?

Written by the firstborn of mankind - August 24, 2018

The internet has made me extremely happy in putting an end to the incredible wealth creating power, of all these song and dance half-wits, who generate some la-la-la tune and become billionaires! You don't need to be at all intelligent to generate some sort of tune, as most of it is inherited musical ability! So you can understand why I wasn't very happy about that state of affairs!

Likewise, I have always also been very appalled at all these nerdy losers who were involved in computing in its early days and were often the most socially inept people in the school... people such as Bill Gates who purchased a "windows" system dirt cheap and subsequently became one of the richest men in the world! Do they really deserve their immense riches? I don't think so!

Well then consider myself in contrast to these successful "losers"! Almost always at the top both academically and in sports, and have spent almost all my nearly 65 years experimenting and even putting my own body on the line... using myself as a guinea pig!

All I've received is nothing but persecution and heartache for all my troubles! Well the time has come for me to even the score with the bastards of this world! I ask you how much should I ask to divulge the secret of Eternal Life? What do you think would be a fair price? A friend said that regardless of the fact that you've already released most of the principles involved - there's nothing like being guided by someone who's carried-out a project already once before - and that I should ask for a minimum of one billion dollars. He said that anyone who can rescue humankind from death should naturally have primacy over all these half-witted morons of this world. He was also very sure that organizations such as the UN or World Bank could easily raise the money if they wanted to!

Signed: the firstborn son of the Force!

Ps - Satan the Devil (aka Yahweh) and the Bible, were only for our primitive existence to see whether any of us were able to raise above the scum and save himself! And JC well he was just a myth invented by the Devil!


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