A Paradox : How to lower your morning sugar by eating more !

Frank Pio Russo -August 07. 2008.

It is known that after the night's fast the liver tends to pump all this sugar out. Well one can prevent this to some extent, by having a protein load for supper on top of his normal meals.

I have dealt with the morning's high sugars before: last time I mentioned how having a morning hot lemon drink to help the liver, tends to lower one's sugars at two hours after breakfast. However this time I am expressing how to lower one's sugars overnight, such that the early morning's fasting sugar is much lower before breakfast. The key to it all is what I've mentioned before, and that is that perhaps protein is a more important feedback loop in the sugar control process: a bit similar to how the body tends to regulate oxygen levels by monitoring CO2 levels !

Well one might have three main meals a day: namely at 5:30 am, 11:30 am and 5:00 pm... with coffee and perhaps some snacks during the evening. However, what I've discovered is that by having a supper consisting of 3 fried eggs in "first cold pressed extra-virgin olive oil" sometimes at 9 or 10 pm, the glucose fasting level turns out to be slightly above 7 mmol/l - instead of about 11 or 12 mmol/l !

This is indeed both very revealing and useful... bringing about very good glucose control, which would in turn be somewhat reflected in improving eyesight acuity, and a clearing of one's lower leg's dark colouration!

In conclusion: I would like to qualify this article by mentioning that presumably I'm doing most other related things fairly well - obviously one must deal with the whole picture to get very good results.

Frank Pio Russo.




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