How to use Coffee and Tea as Medicines!

Frank Russo, January 4 2007.

I find it very perplexing as to why there are two camps in most things. Most persons either drink coffee or tea rather then both... as this check-out operator succinctly put it: "each should stick to his own!".

To me it makes perfect sense to harness the good qualities of both. Furthermore, it is a good thing to add many other herbal teas as well. The latter principle will allow one to alternate between a caffeine containing drink  and one that doesn't contain caffeine. Things like camomile, peppermint, rose-hip and hibiscus, ginseng, lime and lemon infusion, are all very good. Remember that variety is the spice of life!

Too many rounds of caffeine that are not balanced with non-caffeine herbal teas, can result in great damage to your teeth - even dental ulcers! On the other hand, a body that does not receive its regular tonic of caffeine can result in poor digestion and an excessively noisy heart with a thumping beat. Caffeine does miracles for the heart: of that I can assure you!

One simple easy approach is to stack all your various varieties of teas and coffee and make a different one each time: as far as the coffee goes, the main differences are in the 2 main varieties of Arabica and Robusta. The roasting of the latter is also very important - you want to avoid very dark coffee - remember that green coffee beans are full of antioxidants whilst black coffee has no antioxidants! By the same token one should also include a good cross-section of the varieties of normal tea: green tea and Earl Grey for example.

Of course, there's nothing to stop you from indulging in your favourites more often than the others. May all of our drinks be very salutiferous.

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