The truth about insulin!

Frank Russo, November 15 2006.

The current ideas about insulin are a myth! A "real" insulin does not exist, and the insulin we do know, is no more than another version than our growth hormone! This is why I discovered that it actually controls protein metabolism. Its modulation of sugars is only a secondary function and is dependant on its primary protein metabolism control working well.

It is easy to label a body function as being caused by a hormone. This is well illustrated with inhibin hormone and testicular function. For a long time it was thought that there was "inhibin" which totally regimented testicular function. I however came up with the idea that there would have to be two antagonistic forms of inhibin, for the two testicles appeared to be constantly pitted against each other. This is till I realized that the real inhibin is temperature, and the activity of the testicles is controlled by controlling their temperatures. The vasculatures' walls can be modified and the spermatic chords can lengthen or shorten thus bringing the testicles further or closer to the hot body.

Likewise with the real insulin and sugars. The real insulin does not exist. The real suction of sugar metabolism is physical muscular activity. This is why the other myth of "insulin resistance" does not exist, it simply developed because fat does not suck-up sugars unless one's body-weight is going up! This intense suction of sugars by muscular activity is not that obvious because the electrons are initially provided by anti-oxidants such as vitamin C and flavonoids (and oxygen of course), and the suction of sugars may not be really evident till a few hours later as the "electron debt" is repaid through energy generation and production of hydrogen acidic ions.

I suspect that the high presence of antioxidants in orange and apple juices is what allows these to push the sugars up so much in diet-treated-only diabetics. The action of these may actually be measured as sugars. Most assays can now actually cope with some ascorbic acid but I don't think they've caught-up with flavonoids fully yet. The latter are very high in orange and apple juices and may explain the great sustaining power of some teas!

The foregoing provides the answer as to why so many body-builders and stress patients end up with diabetes. Body-builders can train up to three hours a day so they may eat three times as much as a normal person. When they stop their training the "muscular sugar suction" stops, and they end up with high sugars and get fat. So the answer is to deprogram the body as one stops training, to eating a lot less. Stress patients on tranquillizers end up with a much reduced "sugar suction" as well, simply because they usually end up spending twice as much time in bed compared to normal persons.

In conclusion then, physical activity is a really good thing and one should get active instead of blaming the mirage of insulin resistance which does not exist!

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