The truth about Diabetic Neuropathies!

                                                  Frank Russo - October 20, 2006.

Most diabetic neuropathies are to be observed in the feet as nerve damage. One may loose feelings to touch and or pressure plus his appraisal of temperature may be warped. This is usually put down to damage from exposure to high sugars over a prolonged time. I however believe this to be incorrect! The feet are the furthest section of the body away from the heart and is where you feel the cold the most. The trunk is well regulated at 37 degrees Celsius but the feet are often at only about 25 or ambient temperature. So there is an incredible amount of heat being lost through the feet and this is especially significant in diabetics because they have often exhausted normal means of producing heat and end up relying on an ATP producing step which results in the production of glucose from 2,3diphosphoglycerate. Hence the glucose or sugar is part of the solution rather than the actual problem! And the real killer that ends up damaging the nerves and their associated sensations is the intense loss of heat that does not get stabilized.

This loss in temperature gets maximized even further when one lays down, simply because the circulation to the feet is greatly augmented in that position as the blood does not have to negotiate a retardation due to gravity in its return to the heart. The solution to this problem would primarily involve a stabilization of the diabetes by making more energy available without going into a debilitating acidosis: this is not easily done otherwise there would be no diabetics around! Secondarily the solution involves looking after one's feet meticulously. Knowing the root of the problem helps a great deal for one can well insulate to prevent the heat loss. There are some very good socks around, however this alone together with shoes and footwear is not enough for one needs to understand the mechanics of light energy transfers.

What I have found very helpful is to wear two pears of socks. A long light coloured pair that goes up to the knees and is preferably made out of wool and an external dark coloured pair. At night there would be a flow of energy from the dark pair inwards rather than the relenting flow of heat outwards. This tends to stabilize the heat loss and one can feel a hell of a lot better!

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