Measuring Blood Pressure and not merely sounds.

                                                                          Frank Russo, June 29 2006

The systolic blood pressure is measured by pumping up till the "heart beat" disappears and then releasing the pressure till the "beat" reappears.

The problem however is that the noise of a heartbeat can also be heard, at least 15 units higher up than when the blood actually starts moving through the once again un-collapsed arterial walls! This is especially so in persons where the blood pressure is of a mainly arterial nature, in other words fairly localized. This is where a blood pressure monitor like an Omron is very useful, because it mainly works on pressure rather than simply sounds and actually detects the motion of the blood in the brachial artery.

This is very important because one does not want to unnecessarily go on medications. And anyway blood pressure does go up with age, and one may be doing himself a big disfavour by wanting to appear to have the blood pressure of a very young man - with medications that may give you a plethora of new problems - whilst simply patching the original problem very unsatisfactorily! Remember there is a difference between natural ageing and a "definite" disease state. For example they used to say that as a general rule, the systolic would be 100 plus one's age when in the un-medicated state. This of course does not mean that one abandons his nutrition... but rather one would look after himself a hell of a lot better without the medications as an excuse for "bad" living. To me it would make no sense at all, for one to continue on junk fast foods whilst "bothering" to take medications for high blood pressure.

So before you commence on medications, give it some thought and also have your pressures checked with an Omron Monitor.

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