Follow-up info on vitamin c and diabetes.

                                                                               Frank Russo - June 2, 2006.

Following my recent stoppage of drinking juices high in vitamin c, my high urinary volume has come down to normal and the urine is no longer clear but has some colour to it.

The blood pressure has come down to about 140/80 which is quite acceptable considering my age of 52. Basically my body had been crying out for some attention: in my youth I used to train for about 3 hours per night - very vigorously - and virtually all I used to eat was meat or protein. So it's simply a matter of respecting my body's habitual metabolic pathways and stop being a vegetarian. My hip has improved dramatically - a chiropractic friend said that we don't assimilate much iron from vegetarian foods - the meat must have done it a lot of good!

I've also been doing some weight training and getting my body-weight down to about 91 kg. The one meal per day with 23 hours of water was dropped, once the sugar came down to below 11.0 millimoles/l . I now drink mainly coffee, teas, soy milk and Coke's zero sugar. Unfortunately I've been unable to replicate my earlier successes in growing teeth - there were too many unknown factors at play.

As far as the bodyweight goes, I never had any problems with it, in my body-building days whilst eating meat. So the key is to change one's habits by being more healthy with one's eating whilst increasing exercise. The other good news is that my right eye is continuing to improve.

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