Why the deluge in diabetes

                                                                     Frank Russo, May 15 2006

It was announced today that there's 300 new cases of diabetes diagnosed everyday just in Australia alone - it's been labelled "affluenza" - a disease of affluence or richness.

However it could be simply a mirage! These days everybody takes vitamins and especially with vitamin c in all the juices. The latter generates all this electricity in the body and greatly affects any redox reactions such as glucose analysis. My samples in the past have varied by 50 percent  simply because of the preservative in the containers: a heparin one was 50 percent higher than an EDTA one from the same collection syringe. I obviously have some interfering substances in my blood!

And not only that, all the glucose meters use electrodes that are supposedly stable for over a year. Now if the colourimetric reactions that need to be used when comparatively rather fresh are "up the creek", what hope is there for the electronic ones: none at all! "Ohh! But it's calibrated!" Yeah but your body's electricity isn't calibrated is it?! It varies from person to person.

I would contend that a lot of these people being diagnosed as "succumbing" to diabetes, might be seeing a very inflated fasting level... and when they bring it down with medications to a presumed "acceptable" level, they are starving the body of sugar thus causing much damage. In fact they may become decrepit at 50 with a bad hip and their eyesight disappearing. One must have courage enough to trust simple foods such as vegetables and reverse the situation... MIRACLES DO HAPPEN... one's blindness in one eye might dramatically improve and one might embark on near normal mobility from the former decrepit self: MIGHT THE FORCE BE PRAISED! And even the urinary output can become normal if one does not abuse 100 percent hyperosmolar juices that might be made from concentrates and are full of vitamin c.

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