The truth about blood Pressure.

                                                                Frank Russo, May 10 2006.

Whilst most people just have it measured in a few minutes at the doctor's office, there's a big untold story behind the measurement of blood pressure.

For example, is it all arterial muscle pressure, with the heart purely there as a reserve 'turbocharger' or is it all cardiac pressure. If the latter, then you're in trouble because the heart does not have an outer elastic layer to give it a recoil action, and would therefore enlarge and become inefficient through life.

Now if your veins are very small and elastic, so that one has to use children's needles to take blood from you, then you haven't got a nasty peripheral resistance and any "high" blood pressure, is purely a reflection of nice strong arteries, veins, (and heart). Especially if you don't get any headaches or feel at all unwell. A strong heart gives incredible perfusion pressure and an incredible feeling of wellbeing with the nutrition even feeding the teeth very well! And don't forget that "normal ranges" don't exist, they're really called "reference ranges" - and these 'beasts' have a plus or minus 2 SDs by definition - which do not necessarily denote illness. Remember that if you've naturally got a strong heart where the higher pressure is not a sign of disease, you're actually compromising your heart by taking medications simply to appear  'normal'! However, the normal person is not in a position to make these calls and needs a very understanding physician or GP, unless he is a medical researcher with some expertise in the area of interest.

It's interesting that as your system gets stronger from early childhood on, your blood pressure goes up. Furthermore as an adult, when your body is well nourished the blood pressure is usually much higher then when fasting or on meagre food rations. I was sorry to hear that a healthy person who always had a mixture of beautiful nuts on hand, like walnuts and cashews, has now a much reduced blood pressure. The reason being that she's now on what I would label a 'starvation' diet by comparison to her former generous nutrition!

The price you pay for wanting to appear "normal": peer pressure is often very bad! One incredible spin-off of having good blood pressure is that your scrotum and genital area takes on a pinkish red appearance instead of a dark depressing look reflecting most persons' bad circulation.

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