Why we should drink from a wide glass.

                                                    Frank Russo, April29 2006.

This is a very brief idea which needs to be nevertheless expressed so that everybody can benefit. I've always liked cans because they don't loose their CO2 fizz like plastic bottles do. Partly because they're a smaller aliquot and are consumed rather quickly. Furthermore, with a plastic bottle, every time you hold it, it caves in and you loose some of the gases, with air being sucked in to replace them, as you allow the plastic to recoil.

Now CO2 is very important for after all that's what the body monitors much more rather than the oxygen level... and plastic bottles do go very flat! I guess just like faeces carry a lot of heat out of the body, similarly CO2 carries a lot of the heat generated by the body's catabolism out. This is why your expired breath is always very warm - it's not simply because it's coming out of a hot body!

However in drinking from a can, the outer teeth miss out as the inward path is too narrow. This is why I now drink in gulps from a wide glass. This can be very useful if using ice, as there can be more ice at the surface melting per unit time.

We need to nourish our teeth in the mouth. They are wonderful and can almost taste more than the tongue, even giving great shocks if one is poisoned so that one can quickly spit his mouth's contents out.

As I said, a very brief idea... but its awareness can bring great joys.

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