Why hair is essential!

                                                          Frank Russo, April 08 2006.

To the Old Testament Jewish mind to shave was sacrilegious, a bit similar to how some of us today view ear-piercing as mutilation. This is why most ancient Jews are pictured as having had a beard in today's illustrations. It was no doubt as a result of this practice that - I vaguely think it was the king of the Ammonites - a couple of Israelite envoys had their beards half-shaven and then they were sent back as a desecration! To us it may sound very comical but it was real serious business back then!

According to Herodotus, the Persians did know the value of looking after one's hair. According to the historian the Egyptians used to shave their heads, and their skulls became resultantly incredibly hard... whereas the Persians used to meticulously look after their hair and beards and actually could live up to 120 years of age. On the other hand, apparently 80 was about the Egyptian limit.

Now healthy living hair does not grow very quickly: I haven't had a hair-cut in about a year! It instead grows very slowly and I think it stops growing once it reaches a fully protective operation... apart from running repairs of course. Now if your hair is growing very quickly, it could be because it is being shed as it's dying... (a bit like a snake's skin!). One solution is to shave it just once - to make sure the dead bits are all off - and then feed it well as it's growing to stop any of it from dying again.

A good idea is to often break the shampoo/conditioner cycle, and give our hair some natural cold/pressed extra-virgin olive oil. This sort of "food" used to be quite common decades ago, ( I think one product was called "Brillantina"), and should one of our ears block-up: it's quite easy to have one's ears syringed by your GP. Oil is very good: I remember when as a child my father made some salad with the very good oil, I could really taste the difference and told him how good it was!

Also, just like in ancient courts and even in the Songs of Songs (in the Bible), in ancient times they used to every now and then, feed the hair with a cocktail of fruit. We should do the same today. There's definitely no guarantee that a purchased homogeneous mixture of chemicals is good for every body. What's good for our insides is also good for our live hair: e.g. things like coffee, tea and so on.

Very special people like the Nazirites (e.g. Sampson and Samuel), followed a divine directive not to have their hair cut, and their increased vitality appeared to ooze as a result! It may well be that the "little" 10-to-the-minus-40" people use hairs as "high-ways" in and out of our bodies: a bit like all those tunnels coming out of the mother-ship in "Independence Day".  It is interesting that the head and the genital areas are where most people have the most hair And we mustn't forget the lubrication angle, as hair follicles put out "ointment" and nutrition for the external areas where there might be some missing-out. Furthermore, it is the face that is constantly exposed to the elements, and one usually looks very pristine when he first shaves after having had a beard for a while.

In conclusion then, I hope I've well shown how important our hair is: so let's look after it well!











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