Paper 375: How to keep our Kidneys healthy.

                                               Frank Russo, April 5 2006.

The common saying is that one must drink a lot to keep his kidneys healthy. However where people go wrong, is that they think that they must drink water to clean and flush things out. They fail to realize that everything in the body gets mixed and that this is why you need the kidneys in the first place: to separate the excess water and solutes.

If I choose to drink a lot of fruit juices, coffee, tea and herbal teas as well as milk, I can choose to put out up to 11 litres of urine a day. This high urinary output is the key to our kidneys staying healthy. We put out about 1.2 grams of protein per day, 50% of which is albumin or "egg-white". So eggs are very important  in the maintenance of our bodies with proteins and it's pointless to eat all that meat! If one wants meat then he should transplant that flesh onto the body! Because of course meat is the end-product of nutrition rather than its starting point! It's ridiculous isn't it! Laterally similar to how a transfusion is not "eating" blood!

Now the key point is that as I've already intimated, the reference range of urinary protein output is about 1.2 gram of protein per day : that's millimoles per 24 hours - and it is this protein that mainly clogs up and damages our kidneys - but the kidneys don't see mmol/day ! They see mmol/litre instead! Hence, when I put out an astronomical amount of urine, my kidneys see only a very minute level coming through their nephrons and this they can cope with very adequately with zero residual damage resulting.

Finally it is not obscene to be encouraging gluttony... the mythical Jesus was a presumed glutton! The connotation of the term could do with some revamping. Rather than one who eats too much or is greedy for something, I prefer the alternate meaning of  "one who has a high capacity for something"... e.g. "a glutton for work"! Some families may have 10 off-springs... that's gluttony! I only have one. And we should just accept it, our earth is over-populated! I would be happier with only 100 millions on it. Our body was designed to eat a lot, whereas everybody believes you've got to have a fasting sugar level most of the time: that's ridiculous!

                                                 Frank Russo.

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