From: Frank Pio Russo []
Sent: May 3, 2017 10:46 PM
To: 'Donald J. Trump'
Subject: Why all acquired businesses of the same type shold be forced to be rebranded under the same umbrella!


Why all acquired businesses of the same type should be forced to be rebranded under the same umbrella!


There is a fad of taking over the opposing businesses to one’s going concern, and let them carryout a mock competition of some sort: the customer might think he’s quite clever in getting 3 quotes for a job of some sort… but unbeknown to him the competing businesses are all owned by the same parent company – all the bartering in the world would not do one much good in that case!


The foregoing is very well illustrated in the Australian funeral industry… I vaguely think that last time I counted them, there were about 34 different companies all owned by one controlling owner: “InvoCare”! So any bartering system or even the allowing of companies to bid for your patronage, would be severely hampered. Likewise in the retail industry stores such as K-mart, Target and Coles were also owned by some sort of similar monopoly.


This is extremely bad because it encourages the needless constant attempt by business barons, to keep trying to expand – often with excessive and prohibitive borrowed money! However, if such ‘barons’ were forced to amalgamate any new business of the same type to their going concerns… - i.e. rebadge all their new acquisitions under the same brand, thus incurring massive expenses in the process, without misleading the customers with the illusion of many independent competing businesses – then many would not choose to over-stretch themselves for no such perceived advantages!!


Yes! I think my suggestion has a lot of merit, as it would greatly protect the consumers at large, and stop the insatiable appetite that companies have to get bigger and bigger - only to fail and collapse under the pressure, and end up with a massive chaos for both their clients and their industries.


Frank Pio Russo.


Ps. Bob Day should have been happy with what he had… and Woolworths should have known better than to try and takeover the hardware market!