Nobody should end up with grey hair!

Frank Pio Russo - July 26, 2018.

I am very happy with my looks lately for as my recent picture shows, I am looking younger than ever - the picture is

Of course this is all because I'm now off tranquilizers and have resumed sexual activity! But the key to it all is the fact that I equilibrated my endocrinological system in 1981 to work perfectly, such that I no longer have a drooping left testicle like the rest of mankind, and I no longer have any need to sleep to correct any imbalances!

Now most people loose their melanin pigment out of their hair and go grey, and usually this is well advanced by the time most people reach 50 years of age - well in my case I'm nearly 65 and I'm getting younger than ever! And the fact is that if I do not have any sexual activity for a while, the hair lightens up somewhat... then if I have an intense masturbation session: it's very easy to visually see the hair darken as the testosterone is produced!

I'll have to revisit what I was doing in 1981 and analyse the article that I wrote that year to see how best and if I can help the rest of humankind.

Frank Pio Russo.

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