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Sent: January 22, 2017 4:14 PM
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Subject: The proper way of monitoring the speed of vehicles.


The proper way of monitoring the speed of vehicles.


Despite the fact that I don’t actually recall my last speeding fine – it must be at least some forty years ago – like most people I’m always running the risk of getting one… all one needs is a moment of inattention and voila’ - you’re up for about $500.00 not to mention possibly losing one’s licence !


However I’m convinced that the law should be discriminating, and actually differentiate between the accidental and temporary lapse in concentration on the one hand, as opposed to the callous and deliberate offender ! The latter of course being a calculating speedster who probably habitually creeps well above the speed limit, and could easily maim or kill someone.


One way of doing this is to actually use speed cameras that are paired, and perhaps separated by about half a kilometre along the road… this would give the individual who’s guilty of inattention, ample time to react to his car’s speeding warnings and thus correct his speed… perhaps even going temporarily slower to compensate for his earlier speed such that the average speed over the half kilometre might be okay.


Of course this would only work with good daytime optics, as one would not want to alert the driver that he is being monitored - with a bright flash of some kind ! Nevertheless this system would be very fair and useful, especially in view of the fact that most of the trafficking takes place during daytime.


Frank Pio Russo.