Letter regarding diabetes and its medical specialists.

Frank Pio Russo - September13, 2018.

To Dr Peter White

From Frank Pio Russo

Dear Peter,

I appreciate that you're trying to be helpful when you suggest that I see a diabetes specialist. However it would be a total waste of time and money, as most of those people charge astronomical fees and do nothing for you! For a start if you consult my recent articles at the top of my "articles" page on "www.frankrusso.net", including article 694 - you should realize that I am the top expert in diabetes.

Just about every nation in the world has been to my website to see my work: including about 20 visits from Italy ! I have been a diabetic for many decades and the only thing that's kept me alive, is the fact that I've never believed that the harmless, "sweet", sugar, was the cause of the damage in diabetes! In actual fact it's the "toxic, acidic, hydrogen ions" that cause all the damage and stuff-up your metabolism and often cause an acidosis that can kill you! How 's sugar going to do that when it's an inert molecule?

Look I view most Doctors as morons, and I had an IQ of 170 at 24 years of age and some people have been saying that I deserve at least 2 Nobel prizes!

Frank Pio Russo.


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