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>The solution to the problem of arthritis: how to overcome the debilitating disease.

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> a great idea... indictment of the science journals.

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> frankrussoblog - some comments about news events.

Article by "Messenger Press"

> Russo equals Einstein squared!

Articles for "Galilean Electrodynamics":

540 The Incredible Bradley: Why his Aberration Work was so Accurate! (Being published in the July/August 2017 issue)

> aberrant simultaneity vs visual anomalies (July/August 2016)

> meshing the 3 speeds of light (July/August 2016)

> miracle of the speed of light (July/August 2016)

> Russo Relativity (July/August 2016)

Relativity articles in "Speculations in Science and Technology"

> stellar aberration

> michelson-morley

> michelson-morley addendum

Biochemistry article in "The Clinical Biochemist Reviews"

> 003 Research on Oestriol in pregnant women.

Relativity articles in "Investigator Magazine"

> 063 The required modifications for Relativity to be universal

> 068 The truth about Gravity: unmasking the mystery!

> 069 Experimental Evidence for Classical Relativity

> 070 Frank Russo Development

> 071 The Bending of Light




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