Why the US administration is incredibly naive !

July 31, 2017.


The US diplomatic apparatus and its administration, has shown distinct signs of overt naivety in regards to the North Korea situation. Its constant attempts at getting China to help, are indeed ridiculous… very silly indeed ! And its insistence in this matter rather fatuous.


It should be clearly evident that the nuclear advances of Nth Korea, have all been due to provided intelligence from China itself… a bit like how China acquired its original technology from Russia, who in turn got it initially from the US through spies! Anybody who thinks otherwise is simply deluded, rather than just misguided.


It is obvious by the rapid advances of Nth Korea, constantly making strides way beyond everybody’s expectations… and this from an impoverished nation which most of the time couldn’t even feed itself - with its people constantly starving somewhat! Also, ask yourself : does China want the equivalent of a 1962-US-Cuba on its doorstep! It obviously wants an obedient satellite acolyte, instead of a threatening US intrusion into its domain !!


Wake-up United States… I don’t think you even know who your real enemies are !!


Anonymously contributed.