Is our universe analog rather than digital?

Frank Russo - June 28, 2010.

Twenty-five years ago, it was a burning issue in the Hi-fi industry - how good was the new digital sound? A friend was adamant that his analog sound was far superior to any new digital sound one could conjure up! At the time though, the issue had a lot more to do with dust and scratches on black vinyl, rather than any great philosophical issue, and I was tempted to tell him to "join the flat-earth society"!

However, it is presumably basically all to do with the sampling size of the recording... nevertheless there is a school of thought that would say that an analog system could theoretically have infinite definition, whereas a mathematical system is always very limited! In their defence, one could bring up the fact that an analog signal always has some very small fluctuations that are significant in a 'chaos theory' sort of way, whilst the digital signal tends to usually eliminate these baseline fluctuations to give a "clean" sound. One obvious complication that a digital signal would have trouble with, is the intrinsic variability of physiological time which would vary with the size of the participant!

Extrapolating to our universe and the bigger picture of things, just because our universal laws appear to use a great deal of mathematics, does not necessarily mean the universe is 'digital'! Our maths gets quite complicated when one tries to explain prime numbers as these appear 'analog' in a way... in other words there doesn't  appear to be any equation linking them... so any code or language  based on these prime numbers would require a great deal of computer power! Apparently this sort of info is finding a good use in the credit card industry.

Furthermore, in view of the way I have reassessed the quantum world, things do have an infinite definition if there is life inside our atoms , and inside their atoms and so on ad infinitum! And this is where Newton's clockwork universe breaks down as a concept! In other words, it's okay for us to methodically explain and plot the goings-on of the levels 'above' us, (i.e. planets, stars, galaxies etc.), but we cannot rationalize our goings-on 'within' us... as our causality comes from our subatomic world, rather than originate with us!

In conclusion then, we must be wary of this digital world where false identities and false memories can flourish under possible evil influences... I have noticed one thing and that is that all the digital cameras I've come across have lied about my looks when compared to my eye's perception... the tendency is to usually blame the lighting... I wonder whether it is really that simple!

Frank Russo.

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