More proceeding from almost 40 years ago at the IMVS !

Disclaimer: this is not a legal document but merely the recollections of one person about very remote events from the past... as hardly anybody has perfect recall after nearly 40 years have gone by... think whatever you like about it: consider it and you decide whether anything it contains has any merit or not!


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Subject: The truth about what was going on at the IMVS !

Hi Michael,

I guess that seeing you got “stiffed” with some of your tests becoming unavailable, you’re entitled to know the unadulterated truth.

 Well Clinical Chemistry was full of crooks and charlatans, the worst one being T Des Geary – look all he had was a BSc and not only he managed to become chief scientific officer, but he also managed to get both Dr RG Edwards and Dr DW Thomas to stand aside and become spectators whilst he ran the division!

 He was totally dishonest and full of tricks and eventually when they got their “guard poodle” i.e. Greg Hall - who didn’t have 1 gram of academic brain but was good with machines – well all sorts of gremlins were constantly let loose through the division as Greg was always full of pranks!

 Now Tim Smeaton dared to oppose Geary over various things being himself a principal hospital scientist (one grade below Geary), e.g. whilst Geary was blocking a promotion for Rick Tormet, Tim was trying very hard to get the administration to give it to him! So I’m not surprised that the ACTH kits were coming in at virtually almost room temperature and being dumped in the fridge, instead of making room somewhere in a freezer! Look when I went in there not much was working for Tim, and somehow I feel he was being sabotaged and maybe that’s why he left for Canberra!

Well I didn’t fare much better and I sued the division for victimization and discrimination and got my super as well as $70,000.00. The problem was to quote Arthur Mangos from haematology – and he would have been in the know because his director was also director of the whole IMVS for a while -  “They were trying to get rid of you by driving you insane!”. The problem was that one of the women there was flirting with me and I was interested, till I learnt that she was Geary’s mistress. Now whether it was true or not I don’t really know, all I know was that he bragged about his relationship to many people… well I think when it all blew up, her husband bashed Geary badly about the face sometime in 1980, and he claimed he’d fallen off the stairs. Geary was not viewed all that favourably by the administration, and could not provide the promotion that the woman aspired to – basically equal seniority with Dean Lehmann - and she left in July 1981.

Now there was an orchestrated campaign against me by Des Geary and most of the division who answered to him. For example one time I was going past his office and he was talking to the gingery rep from Abbott - (I vaguely think his name may have been Roland) - and whilst looking at me he said “I’m going to shit all over him!”. One by one most of my assays began to develop problems… no doubt at the instigation of Geary, e.g. the glycated haemoglobin sephadex columns started coming in all cracked and I had to suspend the assay after showing the hopeless columns to Michael Guerin! Not long after that the fairly new Oestriol kits that were very good , they started to malfunction as well… the problem was that Geary had all sorts of connections everywhere!

Geary was also very friendly with Tubs Worthly, and sometime after this I was lectured that I was going to get fired, if I gave another wrong blood gas result to intensive care, and this was done by the laziest person in the division, namely Andrew Wootton. They were lying of course! Next I received an accusation from Hutchinson Hospital - somewhere near Gawler - which I now don’t remember what it was all about! And sometime after that I was accused by Wootton’s girlfriend from histopathology for having lost a breast biopsy sample which I had sent with dry ice to another hospital! Well the straw that broke the camel’s back was, when even the 17- oxosteroids that Gilliland relied on, to make-up a lot of the fictitious NAR values that she passed on to you guys, got sabotaged and stopped working!

Geary always by now made it look as if it was others that were responsible for things that happened, e.g. he made out that I was going in the research RIA lab only to eventually disappoint me, by saying that Gilliland had objected and I was to remain in the steroid lab, still doing some special tests some of the time. Well when the 17 oxosteroids stopped working as well, I had had enough and I said to Dean Lehmann “Look why am I still supposed to do some of their bloody tests… look I’m in this lab and not in theirs… give their tests back to them and tell them to shove them up their arse!

Well the fact that the industrial court agreed that I’d been victimized and discriminated against plus the fact that Geary was forced to retire on a package very prematurely and miss out on some of his superannuation was a vindication for me!

Hopefully that gives you some idea of the things I’ve had to put up with, and a fair bit of those bastards’ motivation also developed because I’d complained to the anticancer foundation about how useless most other IMVS research was, whilst suggesting some of my own research ideas and asked for them to convene a meeting of the research committee of the university of Adelaide.

Frank Russo.

Ps. -

I forgot to mention that my psychiatrist took me off tranquillizers some months back, when he realized my IMVS history and was aware that the incidence of my illness episodes was a very acute one – mainly over a couple of days – thus reflecting the influence of an organic substance of some sort! Well all I can say is that I’ve never been better, because powerful tranquilizers even without an illness, are capable of manifesting and generating their own version of an illness!