Some more important facts about coffee.

Update - February 25, 2018

Gone back on big amounts of coffee at all hours round the clock and the joints greatly improved! Perhaps I was misled by something I was doing with the many supplements that I take. More realistically, I suspect that every now and then one must take a small break from coffee - (e.g. 12 hours or so) - and use coffee similarly to Mobic and Voltaren where one must take regular breaks from them!

Frank Pio Russo - November 14, 2017.

Coffee protects one's mind from extraneous influences, and has many benefits such as fighting cancer. But I suspect that unless one limits its intake, it's a marker for inflammation and deleterious for new bone whilst encouraging cartilage loss.

Some 10 years ago, this very knowledgeable naturopath told me that he didn't like garlic because it blocked the blood/brain barrier and stopped one's subconscious from communicating with one's conscious via premonitions etc. He claimed his mother had such experiences. However, that's all very fine if it was really one's subconscious doing such things! I however suspected that his mother was a witch and that it was demonic activity that was being hampered: perhaps this is the reason why garlic has a reputation for protecting one from vampires and evil spirits!

Well I've found something similar in regards to coffee! True most people avoid excessive coffee because their heart is not strong enough to tolerate it: only powerful engines need high octane foods! Also a great many people don't have it after 8 pm, because it impedes their sleep. However, if you've mostly done away with sleep as in my case, you will find that you will rest much better and far more peacefully, with a nice strong latte before going to rest for the night. Furthermore, the Devil and his demons will be unable to program your brain: this is because they usually gain access to it whilst you're asleep and often program you to dream all this 'rubbish'!

Nevertheless, as one of the biggest coffee drinkers in the history of time, I must offer a few words of caution. The old common saying of "everything in moderation" has a slight application in this regard, as many people have experienced a predisposition for joint pains when drinking a lot of coffee. I have a very strong suspicion that it encourages cartilage loss, when drank in large amounts... furthermore I am certain that it would limit any new bone or dental growth - thus making the healing of a damaged hip almost impossible!

In conclusion then, whilst one does not want to abuse coffee drinking, it is an incredible tool to have in our arsenal for fighting the evil demonic adversaries of our human existence.

Frank Pio Russo



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