A very memorable hypnopompic vision!

Frank Pio Russo - February 03, 2018.

From about September the 1st 1979 onwards, I felt very special and received many hypnopompic visions. What these consist of, is that one's senses are able to perceive a vision as one is waking-up from sleep - for only the first few seconds, with of course everything dissipating as one becomes fully awake.

One of them was quite memorable because it interacted with the environment quite realistically! I believe it was about 1987, and I had been researching the "no blood transfusion" stand of Jehovah's Witnesses. I had become aware that Byington's Bible - from my collection of about 80 or so versions - had omitted the reference to strangled animals in Acts 15! Hence that reference was only common in the western text presumably due to a scribal dietary-interpretation insertion, but was absent from the eastern text! This could have meant that in effect, the Acts 15 points were initially really of a moral nature, forbidding the 3 basic sins that a 1st century Jew was supposed to give-up his life for instead of committing them - as also legislated by the elders of Lydda: namely the 3 sins of murder [or abstain from (shedding) blood], idolatry and fornication!

So I went to bed with the thought that I should write another letter to the Jehovah's Witnesses and tell them that if the nature of the Jerusalem council had been legislative, then they surely would have forbidden murder in Acts 15! As I woke up at about 3 AM... there was a shadowy being in my bedroom and he very excitedly jumped on and off the bed a number of times as if to celebrate! I knew it was a genuine vision because I could feel the vibrations of the bed as he jumped on and off!

I therefore realized that my doctrinal discovery was of a momentous nature! These days I no longer have any hypnopompic visions because I mainly rest at night to fight the effects of gravity rather than to sleep!

In conclusion, one must keep in mind that usually religious organizations are very conservative in nature: so I knew not to hold my breath over it all.

Frank Pio Russo.



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