My inevitable conclusion as to what has been happening to the eyes  of diabetic patients!

Frank Pio Russo - September 19 2018.

I used to be on a very heavy load of diabetic medications: for some time I was taking a huge amount of insulin, as well as 2 Janumets (50/1000), plus 2 Diamicron MR (60Mg), and on top of all that also 3 Eagle Gluco Support capsules! The reason for all that medicine was obviously because I had a big muscular frame.

Well for starters - although I don't think insulin would damage one's eyes - I am sure that most of the other medicines would be somewhat deleterious for one's eyes. I've experienced this fact a few times when I have accidentally double-dosed on some of the various diabetic medicines that I've been on, over my number of decades that I've been a diabetic for. To give you an example, one time I took twice my dose of Janumet and my vision became so feeble that it virtually disappeared... I think I wrote an article for my website at the time - well I've just consulted that article and  I've double-dosed twice with Janumet, and it took a couple of days for the vision acuity to return close to normal levels on each occasion.

Now after having examined and considered all the evidence, I have to conclude that the medical world has conned itself into believing that it's all about sugar levels! However I am convinced that the medical world is mistaken and is suffering from a delusion of some sort! The reason for their confusion is because the higher the sugar level is in one's blood, the higher the concentration  of toxic H+ ions which are derived from these sugars - the latter being the real entity that causes all the damage and mayhem that we see in diabetes.

Therefore what ends up happening is that the toxic, acidic, hydrogen ions - if present in sufficient numbers - end up destroying one's eyes! Furthermore, the insistence of the medical world to restrict the central energy currency of our bodies namely glucose or sugar, ends-up further damaging our eyes by starving them of energy, such that they go cold and eventually die - i.e. stop functioning!

This starvation damage is further accentuated, by the medical world insisting on all diabetics remaining on oral medicine for as long as possible - I guess their reasons might be to avoid hypos and also to avoid injections! However the truth is that most patients on oral medicine, are really on a starvation diet constantly eating as little as possible to keep the sugars down - this is obviously true because virtually everybody that moves onto insulin puts on considerable weight.

You might well ask me "where's your evidence to question all the illustrious medical minds of this world?"... Well my most recent HBA1C (glycated haemoglobin) was 8.6%... because  during the 3 months prior to that sample collection, I was staying up all night and also eating some snacks during the night, plus having a bad hip I had to rely on my son, who was often buying all this sugary food and very little diabetic items. Of course my doctors were very alarmed, but I wasn't worried because I've always believed that sugar was wrongly accused. Now a normal HBA1C in most people is something like about 6% and allowances are made for diabetics such that in their case a level up to 7% is acceptable.

Now naturally with a level as high as 8.6 % the doctors would have expected the vision to significantly deteriorate, and they would have been right if the higher sugars had been accompanied by the usual toxic, acetic, H+ ions !

However the truth was that my great diet was eliminating the offensive H+ ions, and all that the extra sugar did was to give extra strength and energy to my eyes, invigorating them to miraculous vision improvements, as you saw in yesterday's article: my right eye which 45 days ago had a vision of 6/19 actually was able to read at 6/9 - that is indeed unheard of... truly remarkable!

And my right eye which  I didn't expect to improve as it already had perfect vision at 6/6, well that eye improved as well to the incredible reading of 6/4.5 - that's amazing! Especially considering that the high HBA1C blood sample was only collected on the 31st of August 2018 - that's only about 18 days ago!

In conclusion I feel truly satisfied with myself and my many discoveries - I hope I live to see a lot of my ideas accepted by the world whilst I'm still alive.

Frank Pio Russo.


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