Why the " human rights" arguments are rubbish !

August 08, 2017.


There’s all these proponents of gay marriage on TV and on the internet, raving on about how it’s a matter of ‘human rights’… also all these lawyers raking in the money going on about the ‘human rights’ of all these vagrant illegals!


To me the matter is quite simple: these gays can insist on any rights – be they human or bestial – if they were living in a cave on some deserted island! However they insist on living here in Australia, so it is Australian  society that decides what rights one can have or not have… (and as far as I am concerned if the UN has any differing thoughts on the matter: they can go and get stuffed!).


And as for the vagrant illegals, we shouldn’t be at all responsible for their welfare… if they don’t like being left in limbo : let them produce their papers and get repatriated to where they came from. I think even Europe and the US are now learning from our approach to this ‘vagrant illegals’ problem.


As for the gays, there are other countries who might approve of their ‘bestial’ desires – why don’t they migrate there to be with their own kind who might just approve of their deviancy ?


Anonymously contributed.