Why the "left" is admitting that fake news is rife in the Australian media!

July 07, 2017.


Apparently, according to the media surveys, 76% of Australians are in favour of gay marriage: and yet all the left has objected to a plebiscite on the matter!! What are these “bastards” scared of - that they want the politicians to just legislate for it - without finding out how the Australian populace feels about it?


They obviously know that Australia - with its left leaning media - is rife and full with “fake” news, otherwise there’d be no excuse for their bizarre behaviour! Yes I’m sure they know that the average person and the blue-collar workers especially, are not devoid of morals and conscience… I’m sure that “buggary” is not very pleasant in any “normal” person’s understanding!


Those ABC deviants, keep advertising that in reference to the definition of marriage, you can’t legislate against love: however nobody ever proved that marriage is the last word on love… marriage is to do with making and bringing up a family which is impossible for gays to do! There’s no reason why love should be tied up to the definition of marriage… obviously it helps if the couple love each other… but instead it’s mainly about commitment and not love per se !!


Yes “fake news” is alive and well in Australia.


Frank Pio Russo.