How the gravity growth of matter is manifested!

Frank Russo - September 06, 2010.

The contribution of gravity to the growth of matter, through the inter-conversion of gravitational energy into matter, is not overtly evident. The reason for this is because this extra matter takes up residence in the larger fused particles as 'binding energy' and is not directly precipitated out till a much later time.

This precipitation eventually takes place through the fission breakdown of these nuclei into smaller nuclei: I explained this very well in my paper on the left of my homepage, titled "The required modifications for relativity to be universal". This is obviously the mechanism by which the universe expands... it is also clear that with physiological time slowing down as the universe expands, the rate at which fission or radioactivity takes place will appear to remain the same per new volume of the universe! Hence the universe will appear to be expanding at a steady uniform rate!

Once one accepts the duality of gravity and matter, it is clear that there is a "free lunch" as I've said before, where energy is created out of nothing and matter is eventually precipitated from this energy! And we, the sentient beings are the collective 'Gods' of this universe under the perpetual guidance of the Quantum World and all of its preceding Gods as time speeds up as you go down into the infinitesimally smaller worlds!

Frank Russo.


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