How I know I have the approval of the Force!

Frank Pio Russo - August 30, 2018.

As I've stated before I am a 24/7 person who was poisoned twice with LSD at his workplace or thereabouts, and the medical institution for whom I worked urged the hospital to place me on very powerful and addictive tranquilizers.

As a result of these events, I became a real live modern day prophet as chemicals such as stelazine and chlorpromazine allowed my brain to be conducive to experiencing visions - usually hypnopompic in nature. This mainly happened in the 1980s, and one very memorable and terrifying vision took place sometimes in 1984/1985, after I had sent a couple of letters to the JWs Watchtower organization detailing how they were wrong about the heart... and then eventually driving the point home as the Force allowed Barney Clark(e) and his artificial heart to come along: was it really the literal heart that conceived murders and adulteries etc.? I didn't think so! Their subsequent revision of the subject took place in the September the 1st Watchtower of 1984.

Now the terrifying vision that I had in around that period was one of a beautiful heart which exploded and was followed by a massive nuclear mushroom cloud encompassing the whole planet! At the time when Dr Cord-udy wanted to know what that meant, I suggested that it simply meant that I had shattered the JW concept of the heart, however although I was unaware of it, the medical authorities of Adelaide knew quite well that I had the most special heart on the planet and perhaps this was a warning to them who were always tempted to experiment with me!

I may not be indispensible to the outworking of the Force's purpose - I don't think anybody is - however the Force has made it obvious that I'm Its golden boy and that it has a lot of trust in my abilities... sure I'm not a technocrat with unlimited mechanical expertise... but when it comes to theoretical imagination: I doubt I've ever had many rivals!

Finally, yes it does feel rather good to have the full backing of the Force! It sure was a very good thing I did many decades ago to revoke all my personal desires and tell the Force that it had full control of me and that it should guide in whichever direction it wanted (as I was too scared to react to anything for fear that I may be humouring the Devil).

Frank Pio Russo.


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