Homeopathy is not necessarily all quackery!

Frank Russo - June 19, 2010.

Homeopathy is a rather unusual way of treating patients... it usually involves the taking of solutions, which have had their supposed ingredients diluted, beyond the point where there would still be any active molecules in the particular solution! Its proponents maintain that the water of the solution has a memory of such 'active' substances. I vaguely recall some article in Nature in 1988 backing some sort of solution memory, after a solution had been diluted beyond the presence of one molecule! Apparently there was a lot of backlash to such an article!

In view of the foregoing, it is understandable as to why many persons think that homeopathy is quackery. However, this is not necessarily so! If you read my recent article on the quantum world, the universe is a sort of fractal... there is life inside our atoms to the same ratio of one of our atoms to our universe, (that is 1 to ten to the 40), and there is life inside their atoms and so on ad infinitum! And eventually, we will presumably be responsible for life in the next world up, where our universe will just be one of its constituent atoms! Furthermore time slows down as things get bigger... so much so that people inside atoms, have 10 to the 40 seconds, in each one of our seconds... I can actually prove this using the much smaller physiological metre inside atoms, and the fact that gravity does not dilute itself ... so things would be happening much faster! The corresponding kilogram would also be affected along a similar scale, so as to give a true 'relativity' with a comparable relative speed of light!

Therefore, considering that even just one atom would contain all the medical books of our universe, it is not very far-fetched that a very diluted solution could possibly work as a medicine! The tendency has also always been, to say that instant cures are magical, whereas real science takes a lot of time! However if people inside our atoms have really got 10 to the 24 billion years for everyone of our seconds, then they could certainly make a lot of scientific miracles - at their level - appear magical at our level!

I would assume that given the right time, the lower world will eventually manifest itself ! But meanwhile we should be guided by our experience in such matters... true most scientists only attribute a placebo effect to homeopathy... I however, would not dismiss it altogether... it can't be all that bad if the Queen uses it!

Frank Russo.

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