Hip osteoarthritis : 4 key suggestions on how to improve!

Frank Pio Russo - November 20,2017.

Naturally it's a much easier proposition to be dealing with the osteoarthritis problem in one hip only, rather than on both sides. I am here outlining 4 very good suggestions which I've found very useful.

1 - Ideally one should have a partner or family member for ongoing regular help, otherwise one should think about an extended stay in some retirement home whilst one tries to recover. This is important because one does not want to overstretch in trying to put one's shoes on - actually the shoes aren't that bad, it's much more of a problem to put one's socks on before you get to the shoes part, and tying up the shoelaces is a difficult problem as well... especially on the side which has the bad hip! If one overstretches, he'll do some damage and keep going backwards to square one, and the hip will never improve.

2 - Another very good suggestion, is to avoid getting in and out of bed through the side of the bed. (I have previously mentioned this many years ago). What one should do is approach the bed from the front or base, and get on the bed with his front by laying his abdomen on the bed, and once on the bed then easily rotate onto one's back. Likewise when getting out of bed, one first rotates onto his abdomen and then crawls backwards out of the bed through the base of the bed. If one does not follow my advice, he'll be forever going backwards on any gains he makes the rest of the time. It would be similar to trying to charge the old solar lights in your garden : if they remain on at night they'll dissipate any gains they've made during the day and never reach that full charge, which results in a long spell of night illumination!

3 - Driving your car is not a problem, however getting in and out of the car can be rather difficult. If it's your left hip that's the problem, then that is the leading leg in getting into your car - in this case you want to concentrate on that leg first by bending it at the knee and swinging your whole body in... no you don't want to rotate the leg in because a bad hip would experience great pain in doing that, but as I said you should try and rotate the whole body if you can. Of course, if it's your right hip that's the problem, then you want to wear some loose jeans such that you can grab them on the thigh ad lift the leg inwards into the car. Obviously, if you're only a passenger in a car, the roles of the legs would be reversed as it's now the right leg that becomes the leading one.

4 - I've left the most amazing suggestion for last and that is to buy a "toilet raiser" of some sort, very early on in your hip's illness progression. Most toilets are incredibly very low down, and a person with a bad hip cannot squat that low down without doing some damage. Furthermore once down on the toilet the individual may not be able to get up again. And it's the same principles at work once again, like we mentioned about the solar lights : there may be a wash basin near your toilet which you could possibly use for support by grabbing onto it - but you keep doing damage to your hip every time you go to the toilet - of course it's never going to heal like that!

In conclusion, there's one supplement which is very good, and that is boswellia which is also known as Indian incense... it's a very good natural anti- inflammatory which can also help a great deal! I must here confess that although I recently heaped a great deal of praise on broccoli, I had not abandoned most of my other natural products... hence the broccoli effects were additive - on top of what I was already taking - however I feel that the most significant gain was achieved by simply cutting down on the amount of coffee I was drinking! I hope that what I've suggested in this article can be very useful and a great help to many of my readers.

Frank Pio Russo.



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