Hidden meaning behind messianic parables!

Frank Pio Russo - July 08, 2018.

Presumably there's millions of virgins and maidens waiting for the second coming of the Messiah, supposedly so that they can be part of the marriage of the "Lamb"! But to me it looks like no different than prostitution with all these women having to make sure that they have a good supply of olive oil presumably both for their lamp and for vaginal lubrication!

Now what is the hidden meaning behind all of this? Is it really supposed to mean that the mythical J.C. is supposed to be a Don Juan or Casanova with a really massive ego, who needs lovers in every village all over the planet?

No I don't think so! I think that what it means is that the future J.C. would be a very special person with an equilibrated endocrinological system, who would be able to impart eternal life to the recipients of his miraculous semen! Such that a new eternal race could develop and progress to take over the world!

In view of the foregoing, what I've said about my own research from 1981 becomes very pertinent! That year I realized that all men and women are dying because of an endocrinological imbalance, and this is easy to see because all men had a drooping left testicle such that their system was trying to use a temperature differential in a vain effort to equilibrate their system! And as far as women goes, their systems had to resort to a different approach because their ovaries are internal and both at a constant temperature... this is why many women develop adrenal adenomas to try and rectify their imbalance... apparently 80 % of adrenal adenomas occur in women!

The other interesting fact is that ever since that 1981 research, I've never needed sleep anymore, and some of you might know about the New Jerusalem in Revelation - how it's a 24/7 place with no real night time! Plus ever since 1981 I've had even and level testes... definitely no drooping left one!

In conclusion, my research has always been ignored! However let's wait till I get to 100 years of age and still look like a young man and then we'll see whether people will start getting interested in some of my ideas!

Frank Pio Russo.

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