Two key factors in harmonizing relativity and quantum physics.

Frank Russo - January 9, 2013.

Both of the major theories of the 20th century appear irreconcilable... gravity appears to work for large things in the visible universe, whilst quantum theory appears to work for small objects in our sub-atomic world... and one tends to get non-sensical answers if one tends to use the wrong theory... e.g. if one uses the current relativity in the quantum world, one often gets infinity as an answer... when that is obviously inappropriate for the particular case one is dealing with!

To harmonize the two major theories, one must resort to the work that I've done. There are two major factors that come easily to mind. Firstly, my Michelson-Morley work has made it obvious that light has both an absolute speed and a relative one: it is of course the absolute speed that is the one that is constant, whereas the relative one varies according to the non-absolute frame that you're in! (See "Required Modifications..." on the left of my home-page on ). When this principle is invoked and the Michelson-Morley is balanced through proper mathematical development - rather than using fudge-factors as Einstein did - it is no longer possible to travel in the future at an accelerated pace, as itinerant twins do with the current theory of relativity, coming back much younger than their non-itinerant twins!

The second key factor is in reference to "physiological time" which I have explained in various places on my website including in the guestbook page ( ), and in the article about the Big bang ( ). When one is considering something at the quantum level, one must be conscious that the "functional length" for things has shortened by a factor of 10 to the 40 ... whereas gravity has remained of the same strength. Hence relatively speaking gravity has increased its strength by a factor of 10 to the 40 and is manifested as none other than the electrostatic force! Another way of putting it, is that physiological time has increased by a factor of 10 to the 40, whilst gravity has remained of the same strength! This is why things move so quickly in the quantum world!

When this physiological time principle is invoked, it is easy to see how the dual slit experiment with electrons could work, and how the local movement of a sub-atomic particle over its absolute motion could give rise to "matter waves"! Of course, I invite all of my readers to consult my website and scrutinize it... for these are not easy concepts to grasp: relativity and the Michelson-Morley is the deepest profundity most people will ever encounter and needs one's intense concentration!

Finally, yes! Both the large world and the microscopic sub-atomic world, are reconcilable... both follow the same beautiful laws once we are able to unfathom them.

Frank Russo.


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