Halting the ageing process! Why I've been able to remain young looking despite being in my 66th year?

Frank Pio Russo - January 7, 2019.

I have identified many factors that when combined together, are a great help in stopping the ravages of time from being manifested in our bodies. I have been aware for many decades, that high coffee consumption helps in protecting our bodies, from both cancers and naturally also from DNA damage. Furthermore, I am convinced that a lot of damage to our bodies, takes place whilst the individuals concerned experience a "shutdown" every night, as they sleep - with a depletion of both nutrients and hormones. The other obvious factor, is that generally speaking everybody's heart and circulatory system, have a very limited shelf life. Once such a key organ, starts ageing and deteriorating, the rest of the body quickly follows suit!

Let's now elaborate on each of these points that I' ve identified as very relevant to our discussion, in the above 'abstract' summarization.

A) About the heart and the circulatory system.

So for starters, I must mention that I have the most powerful and efficient heart on our planet... perhaps even in the whole universe, if there's life elsewhere! (Which I'm sure is true despite S.E.T.I. not having come-up with the "goods" as yet!). The reason for this, is because I started doing the most intensive heart exercise ever devised - at least since I was only about 7 years of age, and up to my early adult life. This exercise consisted in hanging from a tree, or dangling from some roof plank, or bar of some sort, and doing all sorts of 'struggling' motions to use up energy and tire oneself out... right up to the point that one was about to faint from all the exertion! Then of course as one was about to drop-off to the ground, as a natural consequence of using-up all his energy - not to mention the painful lactic acidosis in his tired muscles - one would experience some sort of "psychic-sexual release" of energy! A sort of climax or orgasm of some sort, brought about by a sudden release - or explosion of endorphins! (Plus probably also a huge amount of testosterone and who knows what else!). This experience was related to Pasquale, who no doubt passed it on to his sister Angelina, who was at the time working in Rome... perhaps this was the onset of the dangerous "hypoxic sex" craze, which ended-up killing many stars! (E.g. Michael Hutchence = from the Australian famous Rock Group "In Excess".

The foregoing - done very frequently - resulted in an immensely powerful heart and circulatory system, due to the extreme stress and conditions imposed by these sort of exercises! For instance I had no heartbeat, and this was possibly due to the stiffness of the aorta, which meant that there wasn't a great deal of elastic recoiling, as the blood would flow along the large aorta curve! Naturally this aorta strength or stiffness, would have resulted in the circulatory stereoisomerism that I speculated was taking place in me, in 1981... resulting in different colour stains being exhibited by each of the exudates from the 2 testicles! Further to what I've already mentioned, in 1981 I also speculated that the blood was flowing within the same vasculature at different speeds! The flow around the outer area of the aorta's big curve, would have been slowed down by the extra length it had to cover - whereas the flow through the inner path of the aorta curve, would flow somewhat faster! This latter fact was verified by an ultrasound scan of the genital area, which was ordered by Dr Josie Pyle.

As a result of my special heart, the local doctor in my small town in Italy, assumed that I was dead, when at 8 years of age I was knocked out as a result of smashing into a wall with my face! Well he wasn't to know about my special heart and its lack of heartbeat!

Next I came to Australia near the end of 1966 and turned 13 in my first month here. And as 1968 arrived, an Indian Dr called Dr Pillay - who was located in Campbelltown near the Glynde corner - said that I had no heartbeat and that this could be caused by a lot of fat around my heart. I suspect he injected me with something so that I soon ended-up in hospital! Why do I make this "obvious" conclusion? Well for the simple reason that in 1968 I was only 14, and there was no way that I should have been admitted in the Royal Adelaide Hospital ! As a minor I should have ended-up in he Adelaide Children's Hospital! But do you know what was the issue or problem involved in this decision? Well the top physician and also heart specialist, was a "God", and his name was Dr Pellew... and everybody - doctors, nurses, medical students, orderlies etc. where in awe of the man! They virtually worshipped him! And he was at the RAH and not at the Adelaide Children's Hospital.

I was actually away from school - (Campbelltown High School) - for 2 and a half months, whilst all these doctors were investigating me... (and yet I still came top of the class at the final end-of-year exams, despite missing those two and a half month, and that being still only my second year in Australia, after having gone from ungradable - with no English - to 3rd in the school in my 1st year in Australia!

I was not very happy because I had to use a bed pan for most of that time - it was horrible! But I guess they wanted to see everything that was going into me, and out of me. Well before they discharged me, Dr Pellew made me feel very good, in that he schooled me as to what to say when any Dr would question me about my special heart! He told me to say that I had a heart murmur because I'd had rheumatic fever! And then they arranged for some final year medical students to actually examine me as part of their assessments, and the specialist told me not to divulge anything to them! They obviously wanted to prepare me for future enquiries by other Doctors! Of course I helped those medical students by hinting at rheumatic fever and outlining the supposed symptoms! I think the specialist was happy because no doctor would delve deeper into the issue, once informed by me as to what they were dealing with!

There were also 2 Glenelg Football Club people in the beds - one on each side of me - I think one was an ex-player, and another was an official. I suspected they were some sort of spies keeping an eye on me, because although I was supposed to be a "complete bed rest" patient, I once sneaked to the toilet in the middle of the night as I really hated the bed pan... well they had people after me very quickly bashing on the toilet door - and as I've already mentioned, it was the very quiet hours of deep into the night!

Reminiscing about all those events that took place, I also recall that they viewed me as a quasi-religious personage, and would often interrogate me, as to whether whatever I was doing at a particular time, had any religious significance! For instance I recall them being very interested into why I would often put my hands and arms behind my head! Anyway, I'd virtually forgotten most of these occurrences, and now recall that my sugar level was often rather high, whenever I had  some tests whilst working at the IMVS. Therefore, had I been told in plain English that I was a very special and rare specimen, I would have concluded that I would have of course had, my own special sugar level - especially in view of the fact that my heart was not electro-chemical in nature, and would have used a great deal of sugar and no glycogen! Also I would have speculated that perhaps a systolic of about 165 might have been quite normal for someone like me! Basically what I'm now saying is that I was sort of a Ferrari or Lamborghini, rather than something an old lady would drive to the local shopping centre... hence I would have probably had the equivalent of a higher "engine compression ratio", and perhaps even my own special "high octane fuel" or perhaps even "rocket fuel"!

Well I guess 'Satan' made sure that the doctors in my later years overburdened me with medications, especially once my IMVS enemies drugged me with LSD a couple of times, and told the hospital to shove me on very powerful and addictive tranquillizers! The latter were capable of generating their own type of devastating illness symptoms, and this is why they were often used on dissidents and spies etc. - especially in the old Soviet Union!

Well I eventually ended-up with this incredibly stupid GP - Dr Josie Pyle - (well she was extremely gifted at following instructions, or whatever she'd learned at Med. School - or in her R.M.O. year... at I think Modbury Hospital) - however she was totally incapable of any independent thinking! All she was - was a stupid robot of some sort, and would constantly go overtime, and have patients waiting for hours in the waiting room... what a stupid woman! And I had medical knowledge as well, but she wouldn't ever acknowledge any of my suggestions... she just kept loading me with 'bloody' medications: she had me on 3 blood pressure medications, which were damaging my feet and lower legs' vessels, making them leak! I told her that I was a pathology expert, and had done most of the various tests at the IMVS (Clinical Chemistry Division), and I tried to stop her from overloading me with diabetes medication, and making me fast on a starvation diet! I actually told her that she was incompetent, because regardless of what the glucose levels were, the HbA1c did not reflect the existence of such sugar levels in the tissues. Well she didn't take kindly to being told what to do, and insisted that the HbA1c must be giving false results! I rebutted her because I'd actually been responsible for that assay for some of my past time at the IMVS, and told her that the nature of the assay, was such that it could only really give spurious higher results, and not any spurious low results as she claimed! Of course she was extremely stubborn as well, and wouldn't believe me! So she rang the IMVS and spoke to SO Jeff Philcox, who told her exactly the same thing!

Anyway I lost all trust in that moron, especially when she shoved my son, on a medication that was well known to cause massive weight gain, and her response was to demand who my medical advisers were! I gave her one name, and realizing that she had become a total bitch, I refused to give her the second name! She apparently had a big fight with the name I'd given her... and that doctor in turn stopped seeing my son as a patient, without giving us any explanation! I knew that "bloody", ' f------' bitch had been the cause of it! So I stopped all those medications that were wrecking me - left, right and centre - i.e. everywhere! And started eating again, instead of starving like that imbecile had constantly pestered me to do!

That was 2002, and my horrible diabetic lower legs quickly recovered and became like some baby's skin! And without all those 'bloody' drugs, my capillaries were no longer leaking, and all the rest of my skin had become in perfect condition also. So I went to see that stupid doctor once more, to embarrass her by outlining her incompetence!? She expected my heart to be in a really bad shape, and couldn't believe that after tossing her 3 blood pressure medications out, my previous bad hypertension had turned into a pressure of a healthy 19 year old, namely 114/72 ! She was all excited and couldn't believe it! She started listening to my heart with her stethoscope and started screaming that I should be dead as my heart was making no noise at all! Well following this she teamed-up with a spy psychiatrist, (whose name was possibly Simon Hein), to have me locked up and experimented on... I have dealt with what went on following this hospitalization, in other articles on my website. So summarizing - a good heart is important to stay young and healthy!

(Ps. - My current Drs respect me, for example my GP wanted to send me to a kidney specialist to have me possibly go on some kidney medications because both my creatinine and urea were a bit high. Well I suggested that I was being damaged by the Mobic I was taking, and suggested stopping Mobic... plus i suggested that with my big musculature my Creatinine was always going to be a bit high because muscles use creatine which ends up in the urine as creatinine. Well we repeated it after a few weeks and the urea had become normal, whilst the creatinine was only just above the range as I had expected! Plus a surgeon had arranged with a hospital, to remove an ulcer from the inside of my mouth surgically - well I started to take some vitamins and supplements that help the skin, and the ulcer quickly started healing... with only a small pin-head now visible... the surgeon's office was not upset, but simply said to eventually cancel the scheduled hospital admission.)

B) High Coffee consumption!

I had known ever since my early teenage years, that coffee was an antidepressant! And after seeing the structure of the caffeine molecule, I saw some sort of connection or similarity, to the DNA structure. Plus ever since ages ago, I had speculated that any changes in one's DNA coding, could result into cancer, I even said as much in my first research article that I wrote on Christmas day of 1981 ! Hence my conclusion of long ago, was that coffee was instrumental in both repairing and protecting our DNA structure! Thus preventing all sorts of cancers. Unfortunately though, the average human heart would be incapable of consuming the amount of coffee that I use, and could easily become damaged if it tried!

C) Endocrinological Balance.

In 1981 I watched an autopsy by the IMVS Histopathology's Dr Jenny Rocca, and I believe I was subconsciously influenced by what I saw: the corpse who was a 40 year old Mr Edwards, appeared to have no left testicle and I got Dr Rocca to check it out! Well the testicle was there, but it was very high up near the body, hence why I thought it was missing... furthermore it didn't make much sense at all, because the left is supposed to be the teste that's usually very low down and sort of droopy! I now feel that what I experienced on that day, led me to speculate and formulate my theory regarding the concept of endocrinological balance! I actually made a big deal about what I was on about, and since I was not sharing any of my ideas at the time - because I'd had a lot of ideas stolen from me, and had been treated with total disrespect by those dimwits running the 'stupid' division - well the bastards concerned, devised a clever plot to flush my so-called discovery out into the open! They used a urologist's conference to greatly publicize a very poorly designed test, called the "NAR" or "Normalized Androgen Ratio", and claim that it was a cure for both acne and baldness! Such a ridiculous "fake news" that if Trump had been around the place - no doubt he would have tried to expose it as a "beat-up"! Our lab was flooded with enquiries from the public, and the ABC's Andrew Butterworth came with a team from the program called Nationwide, to film the lab that had become really famous for no reason at all! Butterworth or "Andrew" made it obvious for me to "read" what was going on!

Well the "bastards" had taken the podium so to speak,  and had totally tried to steal my "thunder", by even appropriating the term that I had coined... i.e. "endocrinological imbalance"! Butterworth predictably came to me - as he had obviously been told about me - and asked me whether I had a discovery as well? Well I naturally was forced to say "no!", because had I said "yes!" - well it would have been obviously taken away and stolen from me, as I was regarded as a very junior person, simply because I did not at all fraternize with all those dishonest bastards! Plus, how was I to explain that my discovery had the same name tag, and was similar in nature, to all that non-sense discovery that was a big "fat zero" and was being used to steal whatever I was going to divulge! I chose to tell those bastards nothing at all! And I ended up getting drugged with LSD, as I tried to arrange a platform for my discovery, with the University of Adelaide, through my friend Ray Osborn who used to run the "Anti Cancer Foundation".

Sure ! I missed-out on all the glory, and ended-up on powerful and addictive antipsychotics, simply because those IMVS bastards told the hospital, that I was sick and to give them to me! Nevertheless they did not get all my ideas at that time, despite having walked all over me in the past, and never giving me any privileges or promotions! However regardless of outward appearances, I had actually performed like the greatest scientist of all time, which I probably am! And it all became obvious in 2002, when I went off the tranquillizers, and all those damaging medications that Pyle had me on: my libido came back, my hormones all resurrected themselves to the previous astronomical levels that I had in 1981! And once again I was looking incredibly young and healthy - just like my nickname in high school... namely "the Golden Greek"!

The bastards thought it was nothing, that I had ended-up with symmetrical testicles, nor of the fact that I never needed to sleep! And they wanted to get rid of me from that place really badly... so much so that they even gave me, my very valuable super! Let me reiterate: I had balanced my hormonal imbalance, and ended-up with symmetrical testes... whereas all other males have a much lower droopy left testicle! Even women have the mentioned imbalance, and resort to adrenal adenomas to correct it.

D) Cerebral Balance.

Because I have no imbalance to correct, my brain's hemispheres do not need to correct anything... hence I don't need to ever sleep. What I do, is rest to fight gravity instead! So after every 5 hours or so, I lay down for about anywhere between half an hour and occasionally a bit longer. my body tends to get tired but my mind never does, despite never sleeping!


My master hormone was at a level of about 750 picogram/ml, when the normal range was only between 0 and 50 picograms/ml. However my extra bit only seemed to get picked-up when using the "ImmunoNuclear" ACTH Kit.

F) Conclusions.

In conclusion, I'm not really sure whether all of mankind can avail itself of the benefits of my anti-ageing ideas. As I've mentioned, I have serious doubts as to how much coffee, the average person's heart can consume. Also I am not really sure how much of a factor my high ACTH is, despite the fact that amongst many things, one of its functions is to stimulate testosterone production - or so I vaguely recall! Furthermore, I do hope that my endocrinological theory is very real, and that the body does build itself  using the middle line as a mirror of sorts, around which the symmetry is built-up!

Quite possibly, it could be only myself and any offspring of mine, that might be able to benefit from these ideas. Regardless of that, rest assured that our universe is growing like a fractal, repeating everything as it gets "10 to the power of 40" times bigger... hence it might take almost an infinity, but it would actually be like "Apollonius" said - 'in the twinkling of an eye' - that we here in this level would be able to observe "10 to the power of 24" billions of years for every current second of your your life! And thus discern all of your motivating circumstances, and if you deserve it, you will definitely be reconstructed at our lower level back here on Earth!

I want to allow you to realize, that the Devil shares all sorts of half-truths in a very distorted fashion, to try and confuse everybody! This especially so through our movies that we see. One that is pertinent to what I've said in the last paragraph, had Sir Anthony Hopkins as a mega-rich star, and such villains were engaged in stealing drug-free bodies from the past, just before they were to die, and bring them to their - to them - present, so that they could transfer their brain into this living good specimen, that they had stolen from the past. Well some of the elements are correct, as we the living would be able to view everybody's DNA structures, as they were developing in the bigger universe, where our current universe would be just an atom of sorts! And no doubt this would be almost an infinity to the future, and by then we would have the facilities to rebuild everybody down here from scratch, once we know their DNA code! Anyway you mustn't be discouraged in any way at all, because you would not be conscious of the many billions of years that will pass whilst you "sleep" in death.

Frank Pio Russo.


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