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Sent: March 31, 2017 7:16 AM
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Subject: People are sucking too much out of our governments!


People are sucking too much out of our governments!


As if all the largesse of the Labour Governments hadn’t been enough, Johnny Howard twisted the arm of treasurer Costello to give even more and more goodies to the public at large: in a vain effort to bribe the people and get re-elected for a fifth time!


As a result just about everybody is on a benefit of some kind, and not paying any net tax! And the big problem is that governments of all persuasions are too scared to trim anything back: once people get something, they feel entitled to it and repel any efforts to take things back – regardless of what our current US ambassador – Joe Hockey – said about ending our “age of entitlement”.


According to the latest report by the Menzies Research Foundation, about 60% of all corporate tax is being paid by only our top 0.1% of companies! And as for our income taxes, only our top 9% pay about 50% of the total take!


Is there a solution to this serious problem? Well I feel that the 3 year federal term is in no way long enough: a government hardly has enough time to settle down and it’s time for another election cycle! Our state government in SA and the US have 4 year-elections… I would favour a five or six year cycle with a half-senate election as a check half-way along.

This way governments can feel safe in taking some goodies back, knowing that they’ve still got plenty of time to woo the people back to their side.


Finally, yes there is a plethora of many varied benefits of all sorts, such that what it all boils down to, is: very few people are paying any net tax!


Frank Pio Russo