Going one better than stem cells: pre-stem-cells!

Frank Russo - April 1, 2009.

There's all this talk of stem cells all the time everywhere! Well I've gone one better than stem cells!

If cells can become haploid through meiosis and become sperms, they can also reverse meiosis and become diploid again with the full complement of 46 chromosomes. I believe sperms actually try to travel in pairs in the 'owner' body so that they can recombine and form pre-stem cells capable of repairing anything: of course the recombinant pairs would have to be from the same pre-cursors.

It follows that one could possibly have eternal life on tap so to speak! Women need not miss-out... in a monogamous relationship presumably the male sperms could be assimilated till eventually it would replace the women's original tissues and the two would truly become one flesh!

Frank Russo.

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