Who is God and what does he think about sex?

Frank Pio Russo - July 03, 2018.

The real meaning of the biblical name for God, namely YHWH, is "He will be"... in other words in ancient times God did not exist as yet! Hence the coming along of the "God" personage would be something similar to the crowning glory to some architectural project, where the final product is envisaged in advance! This is presumably why things were always happening through the angels.

Now I would imagine that when this personage or God would come along, he would no doubt be the greatest scientist of all time, and as such he would not be hoodwinked by the Devil or Demiurge into believing that sex is bad. Yes  it's the Devil that's led the Jews through history and it is him who has placed a big taboo on sex, even virtually making it impossible for them to masturbate by eliminating all of their foreskins!

As the greatest scientist, God would realize that it is the sex hormones that keep humans young and fertile, not to mention beautiful as well! For it is a well known fact that women become old and ugly and quickly go downhill once they go through menopause and lose some of their sex hormones... and the same thing is true with males when they experience their big downturn in testosterone production as they hit about 70 years of age!

Well in 1981 I was working on sex physiology at the IMVS and I managed to balance my endocrinological system and eliminate circadian rhythm.. such that I became a true 24/7 individual with no need to sleep... how did the system react? Well I found out in 2003 that Roche Pharmaceutical had been trying to kill me in that 1981 because they didn't want all their drugs to become redundant, and there was at least one Mossad agent assigned to protect me.

Well I ended up getting drugged with LSD a couple of times and in the second of these instances, I ended up in Glenside through Kahlin Hospital. I had not realized yet that I no longer needed any sleep, so I would spend all night badgering the nurses asking for them to help me to get to sleep... but of course nothing they ever gave me worked! One of those nurses filled a glass with a powerful tranquilizer - haloperidol - and gave it to me and said "this will make you sleep and don't tell anybody I gave it to you!". This was one of the worst time in my whole life as I became catatonic and couldn't move... I was in those depths of darkness and I experienced hearing a voice - the only time that's happened in my whole life - the voice said "You are God, it was predestined you should be God... it was fore-ordained from the beginning!"

Since that time I've been formulating all the laws of the universe, as one would expect from someone who was God, despite being on powerful antipsychotics that were generating their own illness! Well I think my job is close to being complete and it's good to finally realize that I was never sick to begin with, the label was all due to the organic poisoning with LSD! Well it's time to get rid of the taboo on sex and masturbation... perhaps we should have the Pope and the Queen attempt at having sex live on television, so as to lead everybody with their example!

Frank Pio Russo.


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