What is the problem with making an attempt at giving eternal life to the world?

Frank Pio Russo - July 28 2018.

You must all be moronic imbeciles if you believed me when I said that I did not really remember what I was doing in 1981! I have most of those facts outlined in some of my articles on my website! And I have been reputed as having the best long term memory around... many times I have recognized people that I hadn't seen since childhood after 40 or 50 years! Of course I know what I was doing in 1981.

The issue though is that it's not up to me to dish out eternal life, for presumably the individual has to earn it and deserve it... and only the Force can take charge of those things and know the innermost feelings in people's figurative hearts! However the biggest issue with it, is the massive "sour grapes" that I have with this "FUCKING" world, and I should automatically let this generation perish and not see 'the promised land'. I was the best at the IMVS so what do the bastards do? Well they poison me with LSD twice and make sure the hospital places me on powerful tranquilizers - claiming my thinking was askew, when I have the most rational mind in the universe!

Plus they thought they got rid of me by retiring me at 31 years of age, but I did not go away and sulk in a corner somewhere! I kept writing scientific articles and publishing them despite being under the heavy influence of powerful tranquilizers... things such as Stelazine, Haloperidol, Chlorpromazine and so on! However in all these 30 years of discoveries, all that's mainly happened is that many universities and the IMVS have plagiarized my discoveries and taken many of my ideas as their own and ran with them! And the problem has always been that as an individual working from home, I did not attract all that much interest - whereas a university could grab one of my ideas and generate all this interest simply because it had the clout of a university!

To give you an example, last week I had a very intelligent person who came to see me and he swore all sorts of insults about the Nobel Foundation and how it's a bloody Jewish club... he said to me that they should have given me at least half a dozen prizes by now, and yet they haven't given you not even a single one - "why's that?"... I replied that so long as one is still alive there is always hope that they might still reward one's contribution to the body of learning!

Anyway I made him very happy when I showed him that I did feel things and said: "Don't worry I've got this fucking world by the balls... they're not going to get anything more out me unless I first get rewarded for what I've done thus far up till now!". I also told him that it's been at least a decade that my son has been imploring me not to publish anything more for it only gets stolen and I never get rewarded for it!

Frank Pio Russo.


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