Gigantic advances in understanding type 2 diabetes: how its onset develops and how to best control it and eventually cure it, and why it is that the liver of most diabetics pumps out all this sugar!

Frank Pio Russo - September 1, 2018.

Our bodies are a sort of hydrogen machine and run on electricity generated by stripping hydrogen ions from carbohydrate raw products, however the many acidic hydrogen ions generated tend to overload the body's metabolism unless one sticks to a very balanced diet with a major component of vegetables.

1 - How the onset develops.

I've been a diabetic for a number of decades and have been working towards finding the elusive cure for this debilitating disease - well I believe I've finally reached my goal! Now in order to counter and solve diabetes, one must first understand how and why it develops. The main reason that it tends to disrupt one's metabolism is usually when one makes a big change in his or her diet - it may be following a divorce or marriage separation when one decides that it's pointless to cook 'extravagant' meals for just one person and may start indulging in take-aways. Now there's nothing that bad about most take-aways, the key though revolves around the variety and nutritional value of the food involved - obviously the more varied and more nutritional it is, the better for you, and it's good to include a lot of different coloured foods.

Naturally though, a great many of the people in these situations often end up cutting out on variety - some simply because of cost so as to economize, and others simply for convenience as some take-away places are only specialists of certain things, e.g. a fish and chips shop may not have many salads available on display. I am convinced that I have correctly outlined how the onset comes about, now for the reason as to why this is so.

2 - Why lack of variety gives rise to diabetes.

Naturally I'm not suggesting that one should have a Chinese banquet everyday, but when I used to have something similar to that - that's when I've been the healthiest ever. The reason for this is because our bodies are an electrical machine that runs by stripping electrons out of the hydrogen atoms that it strips from the carbohydrates in our foods, with the digestive enzymes. However the H+ ions are very acidic and have to be eliminated from the body, and this is attempted in most diabetics by their kidneys and this is another reason why the kidneys of diabetics often end-up being terminally damaged! However if one has a very multi-varied diet, a great many of these hydrogen ions can become absorbed by other food constituents, e.g. a lot of vegetable material has a lot of double bonds - especially if it's unsaturated and can easily take on more binding of hydrogen ions: for example whilst carrying some of my research in 2003, I was putting out about at least 11 litres of urine every day and most of that was from carbonic anhydrase activity - I was running a glucose level of over 30 mmol/l and generating so many hydrogen ions that were joining up with bicarbonate buffering ions to form H2CO3 and of course this was breaking down into CO2 and H2O or carbon dioxide and water! I even had ideas that this could have been an answer for water recycling in interstellar travelling!

3 - Why most diabetics' livers pump all this sugar into the blood circulation!

Many diabetics that have never heard about gluconeogenesis are often perplexed by their high sugars and wonder where it's coming from, as they may be abstaining from sugar. However it's a very bad thing to abstain from carbohydrates and this is why the liver steps in to flood the body with sugars - remember sugars are the equivalent of US dollars in the US economy... so the liver steps in to stop the body from becoming energy bankrupt! The other obvious repercussion if one abstains from carbohydrates, is that one will always have extremely weak muscles because his glycogen storages will be somewhat exhausted! So if you had thought that most diabetics are very big weaklings, I don't think you were mistaken in most cases, as a great many of them avoid carbohydrate like the plague - but why do that when the liver comes to the rescue in most of these cases and actually compounds the problem by giving you an avalanche of sugar causing all sorts of problems! Therefore, a must in one's diet is a good quality bread of some  sort - wholemeal or multigrain of course ! I don't think my diabetes is going to be around for much longer!

4 - How to make controlling your sugars really easy and eventually cure your diabetes!

A lesson in this regard comes from my childhood on a farm in Italy, where we used to breed many domestic animals. You just never ate any salami, prosciutto, ham, cheese or anything at all in its pure form! It always had to be accompanied by a "companaio" - usually bread and some vegetables... now in those poor days one may have thought that it was simply to economize, and many people today actually get diabetes from eating these raw products without any bread or other sandwich accompaniments, and this is mainly because for starters, they're avoiding carbohydrates so their liver steps in and floods their bodies with sugar; and secondly there's not much around to absorb all the toxic acidic hydrogen ions!

Now I hardly have to try at all to control my sugars since I re-introduced bread into my diet! And I love having beautiful sandwiches, where you can add all sorts of vegetables, e.g. lettuce, tomato, avocado, cucumber, and anything that you desire! My sugars have never been so easy to control... in actual fact I don't even have to try! And they're so consistently low - I don't think my diabetes is going to be around for much longer!

Frank Pio Russo.

Ps. - It is obvious then that with a complete meal all the time, the "toxic" acidic hydrogen ions will be mopped up by the double bonds and multiple bonds in the many unsaturated oils and green salads  and other similar foods. This of course would mean that these toxic H+ ions can easily be disposed of in our faeces without leaving our bodies in a damaging acidosis! I guess the kidneys would be very fine, as all that would happen is that the 'stroma' and fibre would carry them in our faeces to end-up in the toilet!

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