Killing the mystery of mature onset diabetes: some further thoughts.

Frank Pio Russo - June 28, 2017.

Assuming one is on the "works" - that is on about 3 different oral medications as well as close to 100 units of insulin - and has been eating generously for a while so as to regain some good strength, the first step is to regularly exercise.

This might include about 8 rounds of 5 different exercises (in each round), spread throughout the day in such a way that one does not get too fatigued. A pulley system might be ideal, and the weight should be sufficient enough to make sure that one gets to 15 or 20 repetitions per exercise, whilst feeling that one is having a workout without going overboard!

As the sugars begin to drop to 4 or 3 milli-moles per litre, perhaps even dangerously giving you the occasional "notify medico" borderline of 2.2 where real danger used to begin in my old Clinical Chemistry days, you gradually lower the insulin so that the sugars reset to between 7 and 9 and keep up with your exercising. You will find your weight will slowly go down and importantly this is real weight - i.e. fat weight - not simply glycogen which would lower your strength, nor liquid which would make you dehydrated, nor muscle mass which would also be undesirable.

Of course you keep going till your storage reserves come down to reasonable or normal levels, such that the latter are not constantly "leaking" sugars into the blood. Furthermore, as the liver becomes no longer overloaded, it can actually absorb and store any excess electrons generated from foods. So as the antioxidant and flavonoid "battery" becomes fully charged - i.e. things such as NAD/NADH and NADP/NADPH plus other things such as ascorbic acid etc. - by the middle of the night/early morning, the liver does not resort to pumping all these electrons into the bloodstream as glucose molecules! But has room to store them for later back-up when sugars get low.

Naturally, once you've eliminated all the insulin, it's time to eliminate the orals. For this the easiest one to eliminate is what one takes for lunchtime as most oral agents should reach from the morning into the lunchtime. One should not be in a rush but it should be done gradually and methodically: as the muscles become very sensitive to sugars and your own insulin, and as the body fat dissipates - all your health and vitality returns to you.

Finally, one should have regular freshly produced citrus drinks throughout the process, making sure some of the white fibre from the skins is ground in them: this is important because this is where a great deal of flavonoids are hiding... alas most people throw it all away and just take the juice!?

Frank Pio Russo.








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