From bedridden to walking around within 2 weeks!

Frank Pio Russo - September 11 2018.

Only 2 weeks ago I was actually bedridden with a painful left hip, awaiting a hip replacement operation as I have been on the semi-urgent waiting list at one of the major hospitals for quite some time! But I never lost my confidence and spirit as I kept-up my search for a cure!

As I've previously mentioned, I've always believed there was a connection between diabetes and arthritis, and I've known many diabetics who had problems with their hips... so I was very confident that if I came up with a cure for diabetes that worked, my hip would improve and come good! Well I had a big scare yesterday, as I had a spectacular fall on concrete and damaged my shoulder and even broke my walking stick! And yet today I'm actually already walking around - even without a walking stick for some of the time! It's nothing short of "miraculous", and it goes to show that one must have confidence and always believe in his capabilities - no glass half empty but instead the glass is always half  full for Frank Russo - always!

Furthermore, even if my sugars would be slightly high, simply because after being a diabetic for many decades, I may have very little pancreas function left - if any - It wouldn't worry me one bit because I've always believed that the sugars were close to being harmless! So provided I eat the right unsaturated foods like salads, oils and fruits, plus many vegetables - the toxic, acidic hydrogen ions that do all the damage, will be defecated into the toiled and flushed into the sewer!

Of course the other important parameter is to regularly have some Helga bread - i.e. bread with plenty of complex carbohydrates - so as to never starve oneself of sugar, because if one were to do that, the liver would dump an avalanche of sugar in one's circulation, and diabetes would be back!

Frank Pio Russo.


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