Our freewill both individualistic and collective.

Frank Russo - June 24 2010.

One of the most discussed philosophical concepts ever, is whether we actually do have freedom of choice or not...  and whether we are actually responsible for our actions.

Well the astounding answer that comes out of my research on the matter, is that not only is there freewill, but also that there is an extra layer of responsibility for it! This in turn renders not only the individual responsible, but the whole system as a unit also responsible! Of course we have the obvious first level of choice, and that is where one as the individual concerned, exercises his immediate freedom on a matter. However, whilst such a decision may appear instinctive and only take place in one second, the actual process takes about 10 to the 40 seconds at the lower quantum level, where a collective freedom of choice is carried out by the whole system: in other words the little people inside the constituent atoms provide the internal guidance of the 'system'. We can see how easy this would be with our use of computers as a future tool, for us one day making similar decisions for the next world up, when things do progress that far! Perhaps I'll get to vote as "Mr Destiny" did in his movie, and make the bigger version of myself miss the penalty, in the first division Juniors Cup final... thus assuring my not getting the vote for "Best and Fairest" for the year and prompting my move away from soccer, thus consolidating a life in science! (Amazingly enough people have remarked about my looking very similar to Michael Caine in my youth!).

So the answer is "Yes!" We do have freewill and freedom of choice! In actual fact it's as if we go into a time-machine and get to plot our own life before it actually happens in the next world up... aware of our limitations and faults and being able to see the over-all picture and where we fit in the bigger scheme of things!

In conclusion then, I would like to somewhat resurrect the 80's idea of "chaos theory"... yes! There is order in disorder... in actual fact there is order in both everything around us and also everything within us!

Frank Russo.









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