Is 'freedom of choice' real or is it simply a mirage?

Frank Pio Russo - January 24, 2018.

For one to have true freedom of choice it would mean that such a decision is not directly dependant on circumstances, but rather that reality would be of a capricious nature where one might make a different decision despite all things being equal!

Such a scenario was popularized with the chaotic and fallacious theories of our 20th century, namely Relativity and Quantum Theory, and under such schemes there would be no future for artificial intelligence, as it would require some sort of divine spark! However I'm convinced that things are deterministic, such that with enough complicating factors - perhaps even artificial intelligence is possible! After all, not only have I defeated the spectre of Einstein's relativity, but with my 'physiological time concept' I've also vanquished all that quantum theory rubbish!

As clear evidence for my proposition is the fact that probability exists and is predictable... if freedom of choice was really truly capricious, probability would never be as predictable as it is! Hence, according to me freedom of choice is no more than a mirage, caused by our inherent complexity! Being as complex as we are with a multitude of neural interconnections, we're constantly bombarded with all sorts of choices and options, and our brain and its sub-conscious are so complicated that we cannot always be aware of all the considerations that we go through in making our choices. True! To some of us that might be a bit 'simple' and such processes might appear to be true freedom of choice... however it is only a mirage and such people are being misled!

In view of the foregoing, mankind and our world is clearly very much like the Bible depicts it to be: a theatre or spectacle into which even angels like to peer! In other words we're like an impromptu 3 dimensional cinema, or akin to a chess set where the pieces think and move independently and according to the rules, due to having plenty of artificial intelligence.

Finally, true the director is God or the Force, who has set-up all the dominoes and in that sense he's responsible for both good and evil. However that does not mean that a Devil does not exist and is not after you! True I do not know what the real end-game consists of: I have previously speculated that evil was necessary to give 'backward' beings a genesis... or an endpoint - negatively speaking - so as to allow a reversal from the Big Crunch to a conscious Big Bang!

Frank Pio Russo.


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