Frank Russo diabetes cure in greater detail: a practical way about how one would proceed in divesting himself of the diabetes illness (type 2).

Frank Pio Russo - September 15 2018.

Let's commence with what's happened in my life as regards being cured of diabetes. For a start some of you might recall that I was sort of blind in my right eye, till I applied some of my perfectly "balanced" semen to my eye, and the glial remnant on the optic nerve shattered like an iceberg and I was able to see out of my right eye!

However the vision was not perfect: it hit a peak of 6/12 and then went a bit dimmer than that... however in the past few weeks that I've been enacting my diabetes cure, the right lens of my glasses has become rather nebulous...well I took my glasses off and was amazed at how all of a sudden my vision without glasses had become far superior to when I had my glasses on! So I've made an appointment with an optometrist, so as to update the lens for my right eye and see what has happened to the vision as regards that eye.

Also, I of course have already mentioned that in two weeks I went from being bedridden to walking around! I'm hoping that the hip might continue to improve, and I now have an x-ray to document the improvements. The previous x-ray from January this year (2018) is not very useful, because I got much worse since then to the point that I was an invalid constantly in bed 24 hours a day, till a few weeks ago when I started to improve by enacting my diabetes cure and started to now walk around once again!

You might also want to know what else has improved with my diabetes cure. Well my feet used to be in constant pain, but now I have no real problems with them, despite them being flat and not well shaped! Also I used to feel itchy all over when my sugar got a bit high, i.e. beyond 12 mmol/l ... look now I think it could even go beyond 30 mmol/l and I would not feel itchy, because the troublesome toxic, acidic H+ ions are getting mopped up out of the free circulation, by my regular unsaturated foods that I now have all the time.

Let us now consider how we enact my cure for diabetes

Some of the various nutrients that form the base of my cure have recently been mentioned on my website... for a start I have about 22 supplements and vitamins that I have been taking regularly: most of them in the morning and some in the evening... I have shown all of these and you can even view their containers on my website in a video that has a duration of just over 11 minutes:

> joint remedies (Video)

Furthermore, more recently I have no longer been indulging in many spices in the morning, and I feel that this too has contributed to me greatly improving! I usually get up sometimes between 4 and 6 am and have 2 eggs fried in cold-pressed virgin olive oil, which I fry for about 2 and a half minutes on each side. Straight after those eggs I have one of my sandwiches  with one slice of Helga bread, ( usually with a layer of avocado, with another layer comprising of a type of sandwich meat which I cycle through - e.g. sometimes ham, or mortadella, or chicken, or hot soppressa, or some other type of salami, or turkey; plus usually one slice of cheese on top of that followed by a layer of cucumbers with a final layer of cut up fresh tomato to finish it off, with the other half of the slice of bread to cap it off.)

Naturally if you've been a diabetic for close to 40 years and have no pancreas function left, then you might also inject yourself with about 25 units of insulin... however, if you occasionally forget this last step, don't panic because it is not the sugars that do the damage in diabetes as the glucose molecule is fairly inert - sure it's got some oxygen and -OH groups which are mainly for linking-up, but the molecule chain is very stable!

It's your unsaturated foods that are mopping-up all the toxic, acidic hydrogen ions ... all your green vegetables for example, being unsaturated will take up these troublesome ions into their stroma and fibre, via their mainly double and multiple bonds where they have spare electrons which the hydrogen ions have lost because our body has harvested them as it digested both carbohydrates and sugars.

Out of the mentioned supplements, one gram of vitamin C per day is very necessary, as vitamin C often provides free electrons to the body! Lots of coffee is also a must as I believe it protects our DNA and even helps in repairing it! I have for all my life always drunk huge amounts of coffee and someone recently commented: " Frank how come you haven't changed at all over the years! Most people that get to their mid-sixties are usually very unrecognizable from their school or young pictures - yet you haven't changed at all ?!"

As far as the sandwiches go, if you have your 2 eggs and a coffee and a sandwich at 6 am, after first testing your morning sugar following your night's rest and without forgetting your insulin injection (if you have no pancreatic insulin capabilities), then you may want to test your sugar at about 1150 am so as to gage how much to have for lunch. Myself, I often like something like a very nutritious Chinese meal for lunch with lots of meat and vegetables, and perhaps by now also what might be the 3rd coffee for the day.

Then you may want to test the sugar 2 hours after the meal, i.e. at about 2.30 pm and if it's about 14 mmol/l you may want to inject some more insulin depending on what your sugar value is... (this of course mainly applies to those of us who have no pancreatic activity left) e.g. if your sugar is about 15 mmol/l you might want to take about 20 units of insulin. However do not panic because so long as you're having mainly unsaturated vegetable based foods, all the troublesome toxic, acetic hydrogen ions would have been mopped-up and a slightly high sugar would not cause any problem at all!

You may want to test your sugar again at 5 pm, although once you establish some sort of routine, you can cut-back on how often you prick yourself to test your blood sugar. Your next meal might be another sandwich at about 5.30 pm. Now depending on whether your pancreas is still producing any insulin, you may want to test your sugar again at about  8 pm and depending on how high your result is, you may want to inject some insulin.

I also often like to microwave some broccoli for about 3 minutes 20 seconds at about 2200 or 10 pm in the evening,  and sometimes I use tartare sauce as a dip for the broccoli pieces to make it taste really nice.

Furthermore, if I've had some starchy pasta like lasagne, I also test my sugar at 3 or 4 am, simply because starch or complex carbohydrates eventually convert into sugars. The bread sandwiches are naturally very important because they keep your sugar ticking along and thus preventing the liver from coming to dump massive amounts of sugar into your circulation. One could also try drinking some Lipton ice tea as it has a low sugar and lots of antioxidants: both the mango and peach flavours are very nice.

Finally in conclusion, I suggest not to have any short blacks when it comes to coffee, as they tend to really jack-up your blood pressure... you should stick to lattes and cappuccinos. I also do like Morello cherries a lot if they're locally available all year round... they're very useful to have as the sugars become slightly low, but of course if your body is heading for a hypo you should have some chocolate in your cupboard.

Frank Pio Russo.

Ps.- I expect my hip to continue to improve as my diabetes dissipates away, plus I'll keep you posted as to how my right eye vision progresses ( the left has perfect vision).


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