Frank Pio Russo

Do you want cheap electricity? Increases beyond CPI should have to be voted on by Parliament!

Give your HARTLEY vote to him as an INDEPENDENT next March at the next State Election.

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Ex-Technical Officer from the IMVS - a phenomenal achiever in all fields !  

A) At sports:

1)- Won Junior Mr Adelaide in bodybuilding and came second  in a senior Mr SA contest.

2)- Set 3 Australian records in Power Lifting and came first in the state in Olympic Lifting.

3)- Played soccer for top league reserves at only 15, for Azzurri.

4)- Played A-grade chess for both Adelaide and Norwood  in years gone by.

B) Academically and intellectually:

1)- Passed a state record number of subjects in Leaving (in one year) at Campbelltown High School!

2)- Scored an A-grade average for Matriculation whilst working and with no tuition !

3)- In an IQ test in 1978 scored an astronomical 170 : among the highest ones ever recorded !

4)- Is a regular writer and contributor for Investigator Magazine.

C) In Science:

1)- Came 1st in Australasia & second in the world at Atomic Absorption with outdated equipment !

2)- Has had many scientific articles and discoveries published internationally in science journals.

3)- Was also a reviewer for the international science journal Speculations in Science and Technology.

4)- Has spent many years researching and publishing about the universe & establishing a new "Russo Relativity".

5)- Carried out a great deal of original and innovative diabetes research.

D)- In Life in general:

1)- Endured racial & religious discrimination with victimization stress on the job, for which he was given $70,000.

2)- Managed to secure his super from the IMVS so as to fund his scientific research.


Some more noteworthy facts about Frank Russo:

- Has lived in our community for 51 years and ran St Bernard's Youth Centre Gym in the seventies.

- Came to Australia from Tufara (Benevento) and in his first year here (1967) went from un-gradable to 3rd in the school at the final exams... at Newton Primary School (now East Torrens Primary School).

- Worked as a casual boy at the Target Newton food supermarket (1970-71).

- Worked at K-Mart Coles Firle in 1972.

-Worked for about 13 years at the Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science.

- Has lived in Ann St Campbelltown for about 3 months... in South St Hectorville for just over a year... in Horwood Ave Rostrevor for about 9 years, and at Paradise for the past 41 years.