Frank Pio Russo

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Ex-Technical Officer from the IMVS - a phenomenal achiever in all fields !  

A) At sports:

1)- Won Junior Mr Adelaide in bodybuilding and came second  in a senior Mr SA contest.

2)- Set 3 Australian records in Power Lifting and came first in the state in Olympic Lifting.

3)- Played soccer for top league reserves at only 15, for Azzurri.

4)- Played A-grade chess for both Adelaide and Norwood  in years gone by.

B) Academically and intellectually:

1)- Passed a state record number of subjects in Leaving (in one year) at Campbelltown High School!

2)- Scored an A-grade average for Matriculation whilst working and with no tuition !

3)- In an IQ test in 1978 scored an astronomical 170 : among the highest ones ever recorded !

4)- Is a regular writer and contributor for Investigator Magazine.

C) In Science:

1)- Came 1st in Australasia & second in the world at Atomic Absorption with outdated equipment !

2)- Has had many scientific articles and discoveries published internationally in science journals.

3)- Was also a reviewer for the international science journal Speculations in Science and Technology.

4)- Has spent many years researching and publishing about the universe & establishing a new "Russo Relativity".

5)- Carried out a great deal of original and innovative diabetes research.

D)- In Life in general:

1)- Endured racial & religious discrimination with victimization stress on the job, for which he was given $70,000.

2)- Managed to secure his super from the IMVS so as to fund his scientific research.

Some more noteworthy facts about Frank Russo:

- Has lived in our community for 51 years and ran St Bernard's Youth Centre Gym in the seventies.

- Came to Australia from Tufara (Benevento) and in his first year here (1967) went from un-gradable to 3rd in the school at the final exams... at Newton Primary School (now East Torrens Primary School).

- Worked as a casual boy at the Target Newton food supermarket (1970-71).

- Worked at K-Mart Coles Firle in 1972.

-Worked for about 13 years at the Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science.

- Has lived in Ann St Campbelltown for about 3 months... in South St Hectorville for just over a year... in Horwood Ave Rostrevor for about 9 years, and at Paradise for the past 41 years.










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