"My main areas of research that I've been working on for the past 30 years or so."

            Written by Frank Pio Russo - December 16, 2018.

Currently many people have been suggesting that I should soon win 2 Nobel Prizes: one for my new diabetes cure, which the New RAH has sent to all its doctors that work with diabetes - whilst the other for my 30 years' work in the Michelson-Morley experiment and relativity, which has reached full fruition recently!

Most of my research is available for free from my website www.frankrusso.net   , despite some of my articles being also for sale on professional websites... e.g. on Springer-Nature. For example my famous Michelson-Morley experiment from 1998, which is often referred to as "the final solution", is still selling for 34.95 Euros, whilst it's also available from my website for free - the only difference being that my website version, lacks the uninformed footnotes of a biologist, to my complicated Physics article.

I have also done great research in other areas of Physics. And the proof of the quality involved, is the fact that a lot of my work is indexed at - or near the top - on Google! Often without even having to mention my name, but rather simply putting the search subject on a Google search! E.g. "Michelson-Morley articles" or "inflated speed of light" or "variable speed of light and the horizon problem"... some of my "stellar aberration" lists of articles that have been written by me - (obviously) - were also very close to the top, last time I checked. Furthermore, a list of my articles entitled "speed of light articles" used to also be ranked very highly!

My medicine research output, has also been quite substantial! Besides my huge amount of work in diabetes, I have also done a great deal of work in endocrinological balancing of the human body, plus much work in blood pressure research, for which my website is constantly consulted! And on top of all that, some of my work in joint maintenance and repair, has been quite outstanding! With a very good video of about 11 or so minutes, which is available on my website and shows how to try and repair our joints!

Frank Pio Russo. Adelaide - South Australia - December 16, 2018.

P.s. - An incredible spin-off of my much varied research, is the fact that I appear to have stopped ageing! Supposedly I'm 65 years of age, and yet everybody is amazed at how I only look about 40 or so, years old! Without hardly any of the wrinkles that would be expected of a normal 65 year old person!