A brief case for and against Fusion.

Frank Russo - 05 01 2011.

As I've pointed out many times in the past, scientists are chasing their tail in trying to set up fusion reactors here on Earth! Not only is it far too expensive, but the point of the matter is that it's counter productive for at the moment you've got to put in a lot more energy than you get out of it.

 I'm all for fusion at the centre of stars, galaxies, black holes etc. Anywhere where the massive force of gravity can be used as a "free lunch". In this latter case the energy is provided for free and planets can still avail themselves of its beneficial results through photovoltaic systems etc. e.g.. there's no reason why every suburban home could not have a 1.75 kilowatt solar system at some future stage, to cater for its basic needs free of charge.

It is a much safer way of using fusion, very much like a split-system air-conditioner, where you have the compressor - "the sun" - in a remote location: outside the house where it cannot cause much damage!

There are many more breakthroughs to be made in the future... in actual fact there is one very simple initiative that could give our planet a mild temperature all year round through fusion... however one must begin to crawl before he can walk... we've still got some way to go!

In conclusion then, it is good to still be doing some research in fusion, simply to expand our physics horizons, but we must curtail our expenditures in this area, and acquire realistic expectations.

Frank Russo.

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