From: Frank Pio Russo []
Sent: January 28, 2017 10:35 AM
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Subject: Why face coverings should not be allowed in public.


Why face coverings should not be allowed in public.


Apparently women in Arabic Muslim culture were supposed to be sealed away in harems, away from purving eyes and only available to their master and close relatives, hence why their faces were covered !


So all this nonsense about Muslim women hiding their identity when they want to become normalized western citizens of the west, is utterly ridiculous ! And their insistence on “burquinis” when they enrol in swimming contests, is even beyond the joke! Why don’t they revert to their full slave mode in some harem, where they obviously still want to belong, as their dress code would imply !!


In our modern civilized society one does not want terrorists to hide under such garbs and perhaps hide weapons there as well ! Furthermore such incredibly stupid and retarded women, are quick to accuse anybody that voices their contempt for their idiocy in public, without realizing that this is only possible thanks to such people not having their face or identity covered !!


But the most stupid of all imbeciles, are the prime ministers and governments of western countries for allowing such medieval customs in today’s modern banks etc.…  all I can say is “shame on you Malcolm Turnbull and all your entourage !!”… “get some balls why don’t you !!”


Finally can anybody imagine the confusion if everybody went around with their faces covered: wake-up morons where’s your common sense ?!


Anonymously contributed.