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Sent: November 26, 2016 4:54 PM
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Subject: The Euthanasia question is incredibly easy !!


The Euthanasia question is incredibly easy !!


Vulnerable people need to be protected from vultures!


And by that I don’t simply mean from greedy relatives, that are wanting to get their filthy paws on one’s inheritance! But even simply - do-gooders bleeding-hearts that might want to make any depressed individual, feel guilty simply for any resources that he might be using up… (when he may well have quite some savings in reserves) !!


The only time that euthanasia should be considered, is not simply when someone is terminal: there might be some miraculous cure just around the corner – how are we to know what the future has in store ?


But rather, when the cocktail of drugs one’s on has outlived its usefulness and is now actually damaging his system rather than prolonging his existence !!


Most genuine doctors and understanding relatives are actually already doing this… therefore all these attempts at new legislation, are carried out by sycophantic parasites that are no more than pathetic bastards (???)


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