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Sent: Wednesday, 2 November 2016 10:23 AM
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Subject: Renewable electricity: its retail cost should be reassessed !!


Renewable electricity: its retail cost should be reassessed !!


My photovoltaic system on my roof was acquired very early in 2009 for at least $9,000.00 , I therefore don’t feel too badly about the 50 or so cents that I get as feed-in-tariff, for my excess that gets injected into the grid! And there weren’t many of us that paved the way for all the cheap systems that came along later.


A great deal of these later powerful systems are installed for next to nothing and the grid does not value their electricity that much - giving many of them only about 10 cents if anything at all !


But the crux of the matter is that these retail companies then go on to resell this very cheap electricity at “full” price! (?) This is ridiculous and should not be allowed! The government should legislate a two tier classification of prices: an expensive one for base-load power and a cheap one for non-base-load power! I mean, I wouldn’t mind if the retailers sold most of what they receive cheaply, with say something like a 25% mark up i.e. for a total of 12.5 cents per kilowatt-hour!


This reclassification is essential, to apply the brakes to the runaway cost of electricity and it makes a hell of a lot of great sense! One should call a spade a spade! And there’s no way that solar or wind generated electricity should masquerade as base-load power! WAKE UP ALL you IGNORANT POLITICIANS !!


Frank Pio Russo.


It was deemed essential in the early days so that renewables could compete – however this can have catastrophic consequences i.e. all of our pensioners boiling in summer and freezing in winter !(?)