Einstein was wrong!

Frank Russo - September 23, 2011 (Revised March 30, 2012)

Since 1987 I've been maintaining that Einstein was wrong about the speed of light being a barrier for non-electromagnetically propelled speeds... it appears that I've been finally vindicated!

CERN scientists have found that neutrinos travel faster than the known speed of light. This is also proved qualitatively by the fact that the burst of neutrinos from the supernova SN1987A actually preceded the burst of visible light by about 3 hours... not as much as one would have expected, but then again neutrinos have got mass, so presumably they can get slowed down through their travels somewhat.

Scientists have got to realize that in their particle accelerators, they've been dealing with electromagnetic propulsions which would be limited by the speed of the magnetic fields... presumably although particles travelling beyond the speed of light cannot emit energy forwards, they can still emit very red-shifted energy backwards and may generate some thrust that way.

Let's hope that this discovery by CERN represents a new start for scientific progress and rationality.

Frank Russo.

p.s. - I however would not expect to see any difference in the speed of neutrinos from light because presumably neutrinos are travelling electromagnetically otherwise why would they be so close to the speed of light!?

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