Why you should not trust editors!

Frank Russo - August 18 2011.

I believe most editors of journals have accomplices, towards whom they channel papers that they reject prematurely in exchange for other ideas: one should always suspect editors that are extremely prolific in publishing themselves!

 In 1994 I sent my "Experimental Evidence for Classical Relativity" to an editor... he dismissed it, and many months later his journal was 3 months late in coming out... it had a version of the main ideas of my paper camouflaged in deep mathematics. These authors were of the same ethnicity as the editor... which was also interesting!

It also had another paper by another author of the same ethnicity, which mentioned another original idea of mine that I'd mentioned to the editor by phone. Fortunately, I had not mentioned all the details in both cases and these authors came up with wrong conclusions.

Nevertheless, my confidence in the publishing process was eroded and this is why I publish things on my website these days.

Frank Russo.

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